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Centramatic is a relatively young company that hit the ground running. Famous for its development of brakes and wheel end technology, Centramatic has become a standard in many circles of truckers, repairpeople, and technicians in the United States and Canada.

This North American brand was founded in 1985 as the chosen company for marketing and distributing a game-changing invention: "On-Board" balancing systems for the axle, drive, and steer trailers. This invention secured the business that Centramatic needed to take the brand to the next level.

Today, Centramatic continues to serve the same parts of the heavy-duty trucking industry that helped it get started, but that's not all. The company has expanded into the production and manufacturing of a variety of different pieces, parts, and hardware related to those inventions that helped it get started.

Centramatic three primary manufacturing areas are concentrated in the production of APU/HVAC systems, fuel additives, and wheel balancers. These three manufacturing focuses comprise the bulk of what Centramatic does and why so many industry professionals use the Centramatic brand.

Centramatic has also demonstrated a commitment to transparency in the field of product testing. The brand has an entire section on its website dedicated to the results of each test. Not only does it list their bragging points, but the section also lists the name of the organization behind the testing so that you can easily fact-check their information for yourself. This commitment to testing transparency has helped Centramatic secure a reputation as a trustworthy and dependable brand.