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3M Best Sellers

When you need to service your truck, why not do so with some of the most trusted parts and tools in the business? 3M has been an industrial equipment leader for more than a century. Their products can also be used to work on personal tow vehicles, commuter vehicles and restoration projects. FinditParts has hundreds of 3M parts and accessories at competitive prices for everyone who loves a good truck.

Pretty much every automotive task is made easier with 3M. Make repairs after an accident or weather disaster with their truck body tools. We offer pneumatic sanders and discs for grinding, shaping and smoothing body panels, filler and putties for plugging dents, spray paint guns for painting and sealers for fiberglass repair. Fix up plastic bumpers with 3M impact-resistant structural adhesive or add their undercoatings, truck bed liners and rocker spray to shield against water and mud. Welding supplies and rivet tools make it easy to attach metal back together so you don’t have panels flapping in the breeze on the highway.

Is your baby feeling queasy on the inside? 3M has solutions for that as well. Truck fuel system cleaners, intake kits, brake cleaners and wheel weights will help you stop and go with the best of New York City rush hour. You need to be safe while you work as well, and 3M safety glasses, earplugs, vapor monitors and anti-slip tape are just the ticket. They do the little things as well with cable ties and masking tape unlike any you’ve seen. FinditParts is a one-stop shop for all things 3M that will improve the looks and performance of light-duty trucks, semis, haulers and more. Our best and most popular parts qualify for two-day express shipping!