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About 3M

There are only a few companies in the world that can make a huge impact on people’s lives the way 3M does. This company cleverly and collaboratively applies science to come up with products that alleviate daily lives. Despite its humble beginnings as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company in 1902, 3M has become a global powerhouse and a constant name on the Fortune 500 list.

Throughout the years, 3M remains committed to developing products and technology that help make every business more productive, improve every home, and make every life easier. Its commitment to innovation never stops, and 3M has over 100,000 patents to back this claim up. At present, 3M has corporate operations in 70 countries and sales operations in 200 countries. This company also has over 60,000 products for the automotive, energy, electronics, health care, manufacturing, design and construction, commercial solutions, and transportation industries. Under its belt are some of the world’s well-known brands such as Ace™, Command™, Scotch™, Futuro™, Post-it®, Nexcare™, and many others.

3M Parts

3M applies the most advanced manufacturing technologies in producing high-quality, precise, safe, and cost-competitive 3M parts and solutions. With the utmost precision of 3M’s manufacturing processes and technology, this company has produced proprietary tools and equipment that work at peak efficiency and consistency and conform to the customers’ needs and specifications. This company manufactures automotive parts and hardware, building materials, cleaning supplies, dental and orthodontics, electronics components, films and sheeting, lab supplies and testing, signage and marking, and a lot more.


3M takes pride in applying the science of adhesion to provide companies worldwide with innovative solutions that significantly improve product design and manufacturing processes. Its list of adhesives ranges from heavy-duty items that have the power to hold a building’s structural panel to gentle and mild adhesives that can safely get in contact with a child’s skin when there’s a need to secure a tubing.

  • Hot-melt adhesives

Also called glue sticks, hot-melt adhesives are made to meet your project needs. These adhesives deliver excellent heat and impact resistance and are designed to work with surfaces that are difficult to bond, even those exposed to plasticizers, fuel, and oil.

  • Solvent-based adhesives

Over the decades, this company formulated a plethora of cost-effective adhesives that guarantee a reliable hold and ensure outstanding performance even on textured surfaces. Among the well-known 3M solvent-based adhesives are Scotch® Super 77™ Multi-Purpose spray adhesive, 3M™ Nitrile plastic adhesive 826, 3M™ Neoprene contact adhesive, 3M™ vinyl & leather adhesive, and a lot more.

  • Water-based adhesives

3M also offers a wide variety of solventless, water-based adhesives that ensure a stable bond and superb heat resistance for longevity and endurance. Most of these adhesives bond quickly and ensure low overspray to avoid waste.

Compounds and Polishes

No matter how careful you are when driving, dust, mud, caked-up road grime, and dirt build up over time, making your truck’s surfaces and paintwork look dirty, dull, or weathered. 3M is here to help you address such an issue by offering a wide selection of bonnets and buffing pads, polishing compounds and solutions, waxes, and finishing glazes. These products are formulated to help you deal with general signs of aging on cars, SUVs, RVs, buses and coaches, commercial vehicles, and light to heavy-duty trucks. They will help you get rid of or minimize minor to severe surface imperfections, such as scratches, paint transfer, and stubborn dirt and stains.


Because challenging jobs call for tough tapes, 3M has carved long-standing expertise in tape technology and etched its name in almost every type of tape you see in the market. No matter what type of tapes you need—thread sealant tapes, foam tapes, packaging tapes, splicing and tabbing tapes, filament tapes, foil tapes—3M has got them all for you.

  • Barricade and warning tapes

When you need to identify and inform people that an area is unsafe or prohibited, or the equipment or underground utilities are sensitive and should be handled with care, 3M has the best barricade and warning tapes for that purpose. These tapes come in different designs, thicknesses, and various warning labels, and they can be applied by hand or using an applicator. These tapes are also designed to withstand weathering, regular wear, and light abrasion while ensuring superb adhesion to different surfaces. They can also maintain their vivid color even with exposure to solvents and other fluids.

  • Electrical tapes

The 3M electrical tapes are engineered to deliver exceptional durability, strength, and resistance to high temperatures. 3M provides customers with tapes that help seal and mark electrical applications in the maintenance and construction industry. Its rubber tapes efficiently seal and insulate electrical connections, while its acetate cloth electrical tapes are perfect for coil wrapping applications.

  • Vinyl tapes

3M vinyl tapes are industry-leading because they are not only durable and long-lasting, but they are also resistant to abrasion, wear, and weather. Featuring rubber adhesives and vinyl backings, these tapes are ideal for marking lanes, labeling safety hazards, and implementing color coding in warehouses, factories, and parking lots. They are also stretchable to conform to the surface easily, and they are easy to remove without leaving any adhesive residue.

  • Masking, paper, sealer tapes

Are you purchasing for your office or school supplies, paper and print business, graphic arts, photography, or drafting needs? 3M has the industry-leading masking tapes, masking papers, and paper tapes to meet your needs. This brand has cost-effective solutions for your light-duty to heavy-duty application needs. 3M also offers high-quality sealer tapes for woodworking, automotive, furniture, specialty vehicles, metalworking, electronics, transportation, and general industrial applications.

Tools and Equipment

Engineered with user comfort and ergonomics in mind, each tool and equipment from 3M helps boost operators’ productivity, minimize waste, and lower production costs. From the brand’s high-caliber applicators, dent removal tools, and dressing tools to its class-leading pad conditioners, diluters, mandrels and adapters, and sprayer systems, you are assured of 3M parts and solutions that meet your demands and application specifications without skyrocketing costs. Whether you need one to pull off detailed work or you’re looking for several tools or components for high-volume projects, 3M has got what you need to help you meet production deadlines.

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Pretty much every automotive task is made easier with 3M. Make repairs after an accident or weather disaster with their truck body tools. We offer pneumatic sanders and discs for grinding, shaping and smoothing body panels, filler and putties for plugging dents, spray paint guns for painting and sealers for fiberglass repair. Fix up plastic bumpers with 3M impact-resistant structural adhesive or add their undercoatings, truck bed liners and rocker spray to shield against water and mud. Welding supplies and rivet tools make it easy to attach metal back together so you don’t have panels flapping in the breeze on the highway.

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