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About Contitech

A division of the German auto parts giant Continental AG, ContiTech is one of the world’s top suppliers of technical rubber products and a leading specialist in automotive plastics technology. It is a long-time development partner and OEM supplier for manufacturers in the linehaul industry and many other sectors. Highly regarded for its innovative technologies, R&D, and manufacturing systems, Contitech also leverages market and growth opportunities in the field of eco-friendly and sustainable products. And it is through these that Contitech is poised to lead the way in tackling the current and future challenges in the global trucking and automotive market. Today, Contitech offers its customers connected, safe, and convenient industry and service solutions using a wide range of materials for on- and off-highway applications as well as for railways, mining, industry, food production, general industry, and other sectors. It also boasts an extensive global network of production and distribution facilities with 43,000 employees in more than 40 countries with core branches in Asia, Europe, and South America.

Proven Expertise - Delivering what clients want and need for over 150 years.

Global Operations - Continental worldwide—operating in 561 locations in 58 countries and markets.

Focus on Innovation - Committed to providing innovative products for increased safety, mobility, and performance.

Wide-Ranging Portfolio - ContiTech has got the right solutions for commercial vehicles and more.

Contitech Parts

With a history that goes more than 150 years, ContiTech specializes in the development and material expertise of rubber products combined with polyamide, textile, and electronic components to meet the needs of different industries. For the trucking sector, these include air springs, timing and drive belts, hoses, PVC products, and more. Contitech also offers custom solutions that are geared towards functionality and environmental sustainability while still meeting the customer’s specific needs.

Contitech Air Springs

The Contitech air spring line consists of more than 2,000 models and covers almost all air suspension systems used in trailers, trucks, and buses on the road today. Contitech springs are engineered in partnership with vehicle manufacturers, ensuring that they meet the highest OE standards and quality requirements while still fulfilling the specifications of the aftermarket industry. State-of-the-art production processes ensure each component’s top performance and quality and are backed by an all-encompassing quality planning and a value-added chain. To meet extreme operational demands, Contitech air spring bellows are made of an advanced blend of elastomer. This high-quality material has outstanding dynamic properties and a tried-and-tested reputation for durability and reliable performance. Each spring is also designed to provide the load-carrying capacity, suspension characteristics, and spring travel required for a given task. All of the components, including the bellows, piston, and ancillary parts, are engineered to perform as part of a harmonized system to ensure optimal suspension characteristics and maximum safety.

Contitech Cab Springs

Contitech manufactures sleeve-type cab air springs and damper modules designed and built to provide several ergonomic benefits. These benefits include reduced fatigue and harm to the driver’s health, improved handling, and increased awareness and safety on the road. Integrated cab air springs also offer many advantages over conventional steel spring structures, including reduced chassis wear and loads, a more consistent spring volume, and a constant vehicle height. Plus, they incorporate proprietary technology that significantly reduces natural frequency and allows for adjustment of stroke height and spring travel in axle, cab, and driver’s seat suspension applications.

Contitech Seat Springs

Aside from improving the driver’s workspace, Contitech also offers seat air springs that significantly reduce and prevent driver fatigue. These advanced air springs feature multiple air inlets for a more custom comfort as well as easier installation thanks to bayonet connectors and self-tapping screws. Overall, Contitech’s design and engineering principles are the same in any situation: design and engineer a solution that provides the driver with improved safety and comfort.

Contitech Drive Belts

Contitech’s line of V-ribbed drive belts is suitable for use in generators, fans, water pumps, air conditioning compressors, and power steering for modern heavy duty commercial vehicle engines. While drive belts are expected to withstand high loads, contaminants such as dust and dirt, and temperature fluctuations under normal operating conditions, those made by Contitech are specially adapted to these requirements. These result in extremely temperature-resistant, long-lasting belts that are impervious to cuts and abrasions while still retaining their flexible properties.

Accessory drive belt. Contitech offers a broad selection of accessory drive belts for high-power transmissions that deliver smooth running performance every time. These belts feature a proprietary combination of EPDM, non-woven fabric, and composite materials to ensure flexibility, abrasion resistance, and excellent noise behavior in both on- and off-highway applications. They have also been rated to provide optimum performance for more than 600,000km with an operating temperature range from -40°C to +140°C.

Fan belt. Contitech has the advantage of being a strong development partner of major industry suppliers for drive belts for fan drives in commercial vehicles. Contitech fan belts feature a molded multi-rib design that’s optimized for good noise behavior and long service life. Their profile is also specifically shaped for maximum dimensional precision, while their advanced composite material blend provides excellent abrasion resistance and the ability to withstand severe heat and cold environments.

Hybrid belt. Contitech sets technological trends and responds to them as well with products such as drive belts for mild hybrid systems. These belts offer the same high dependability and load-handling capabilities found in conventional drive belts and employ them on modern hybrid commercial vehicles. The belt features a durable composite material blend with a high fiber-loaded compound surface for a smooth operation.

Contitech Timing Belts

Contitech timing belts provide durable synchronous drive solutions ranging from low-output applications to more extreme conditions as an alternative to timing chains. These belts offer great flexibility and energy efficiency of up to 98% while still being completely maintenance-free. Customers can choose from various timing belt configurations that suit specific applications and requirements. These belts are differentiated by their tension member, polymer composition, and tooth geometry to ensure optimum performance for the task at hand.

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