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MINIMIZER Light Bar Mounting Bracket

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rear center light panel mounting bracket assembly kit | rear center light panel mounting bracket assembly kit (more info...) rear center light panel mounting bracket assembly kit | rear center light panel mounting bracket assembly kit
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Light Bar Mounting Bracket
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About Minimizer

When it comes to truck fenders, drivers, operators, managers, and technicians worldwide have Minimizer as their preferred choice. For more than three decades, Minimizer has been the undisputed authority in aftermarket semi-truck fenders. In fact, it is the one that invented the poly truck fender, which is nearly indestructible and guaranteed to last. And while other brands now offer their line of poly fenders, only Minimizer “tests and tortures” its products to ensure quality and allow them to deliver the only lifetime guarantee for aftermarket fenders in the industry.

Minimizer Parts

While poly fenders and bracket kits remain the bread and butter of the Minimizer catalog, the brand now also offers molded floor mats, mud flaps, slick plates, tire masks, light kits, toolboxes, and caddies, workbenches, and related accessories. In addition, it recently released its line of “whole body” truck seat assemblies and mattresses. All Minimizer parts are designed and manufactured in the USA and sent across North America and other regions via a worldwide distributor network.


Available in a wide array of styles, colors, and material options, Minimizer’s semi-truck fender lineup has built a reputation of quality, durability, and style. No matter how old the truck is or what it’s carrying, Minimizer fenders will give your truck an improved look as well as protect it against mud, dirt, and rocks kicked up by the wheels. Each fender is made from proprietary composite materials and thermoformed using proprietary technology that’s been constantly refined for over 35 years. These result in fenders that retain their shape even when dented or crushed and are highly impervious to salt, corrosion, and extreme temperatures ranging from -100° F to 197° F.

Another advantage of Minimizer fenders over the competition is that they don’t need to be painted in order to protect against rust or fading. The fenders are pre-molded with a special coating throughout the sheet that effectively deflects the daily abuse trucks experience on the road. Custom material options are also available that go toe-to-toe with metal and fiberglass fenders from the competition. Unlike these competing products that will add more weight and will inevitably bend, rust, break, these custom fenders will keep their sheen and stylish look for their entire life.

Fender Brackets

Featuring a brand new look but with the same degree of durability, Minimizer fender brackets remain among the best in the industry. These redesigned brackets duplicate the same rugged construction and shock absorption of Minimizer’s original plastic bolt-on bracket system with a sleeker custom look.

  • Paddle bracket. Designed to be mounted directly to the frame, the Minimizer paddle bracket requires fewer brackets for easier installation. It can also be adjusted so that the bracket arm is mounted lower on the frame rail for additional clearance between the frame and fifth wheel plate. All of the fastening hardware is also hidden beneath the fender for a more streamlined look. But it’s not all about style either; just like their fenders, all Minimizer bracket systems have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they meet performance expectations.
  • Lift axle bracket. These brackets have a bolt-on design that can be mounted onto existing holes on the brake assembly. This allows the fender to be raised, lowered, or steered with the wheel. These brackets are available in more than 20 different kits to accommodate different styles and brands of axles.


Minimizer toolboxes are built to be tough enough to handle harsh environments and weather. Each box is made of solid roto-molded composite material that ensures it will not rust, crack, or require a repaint. And despite their lightweight and compact size, they are about as tough or even tougher than conventional steel toolboxes. Gutter and Seal Tight weatherstripping seals also ensure that anything stored inside the box is protected from the elements.

Other standard features found in a Minimizer toolbox include:

  • Vector T latch that offers the best security in the market
  • Heavy duty springs that make it easier to lift the lid on chest-style boxes
  • Universal mounting brackets that are compatible with most types of semi-trucks

Mud flaps

Minimizer truck mud flaps are made of premium quality rubber that will not curl, fade, or tear over time. They are available in a wide variety of heat-stamped foil colors and stock designs to match the look of any truck and trailer. The mud flaps can also be mounted on Minimizer’s Fast Flap bracket system, which allows the mud flap to be installed or released within seconds using only a standard screwdriver.

Slick Plate

The Minimizer slick plate eliminates the need to grease the fifth wheel plate while still reducing wear on the fifth wheel and coupler. The plate features a special non-stick polymer surface that greatly minimizes friction and the resulting wear and tear. In addition, each kit comes complete with a pre-drilled polyethylene plate, ram bars, and mounting hardware for popular makes and models such as Holland, Fontaine, Jost, Reese, and more.

LED lights

Minimizer’s LED lights and light panels are brighter, more efficient, and last longer than any incandescent truck light in the market. Their multiple diode arrays ensure that should one diode fail, the light will still work as expected. In addition, the lamp housing and panel are made of the same high-density composite material as Minimizer fenders, so they will never fade, rust, or crack from stress.

Truck Seats

One of the newer products from Minimizer, its truck seat system is designed with the health and safety of the driver in mind. In partnership with Isringhausen, a leading German specialist in heavy duty vehicle seating systems, the Minimizer truck seat combines ergonomics, safety, and overall driver health into a single system that incorporates all of the features sought after by drivers worldwide. These features, including a fully adjustable shock and airbag suspension, upper and lower lumbar support, a full swivel base, and a premium quality fabric or leather cover, provide the comfort, support, safety, and durability needed for the road.

Floor Mats

From the mud on your boots to your morning coffee spills, Minimizer’s molded floor mats will keep the cab floor clean and protected from the daily rigors of the road. Each floor mat is precision-engineered using cutting-edge technology to ensure that it matches the measurements and angles of each make and model semi cab for a seamless fit. Retention hooks strategically located at the underside of the mat also prevent it from sliding around.

Shop Minimizer Products at FinditParts.com

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