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When your business depends on smooth, stable driving, you won't regret installing Neway air suspensions on your truck. For more than 50 years, Neway has been an industry leader in air suspension systems for trucks and other commercial vehicles. It is one of the few brands capable of supplying heavy-duty suspension components to OEM manufacturers across the globe, and, as a development supplier, it works closely with trucking companies and fleet operators to develop new technologies and comprehensive service packages. Also, as a part of the SAF-Holland group, Neway is backed by one of the largest manufacturers of heavy-duty chassis components with facilities and international distribution networks.

Today, Neway offers the best heavy-duty drive axle and steerable lift-axle air suspension systems and components in the industry. But what truly set these products apart are their unique features not found in other competing brands. Neway suspensions make use of bushing and fastener-free integrated lower control assembly and welded axle connections that cut down maintenance time and improve durability overall. Their EZ-align connection system also allows for fast and easy realignment and extends tire life. And to help maintain stability, Neway's patented angled air spring design distributes forces evenly across the axle and takes the strain off the wheels. 

For reliable performance and stability, go to what the professionals choose—Neway air suspension. At FinditParts, you can choose from a massive catalog of Neway air suspension components for various vehicle makes and models. Our parts and accessories meet international quality standards and are offered at competitive prices.

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