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SAF HOLLAND Best Sellers

SAF-HOLLAND, Inc. has been in business for nearly 100 years. Although acquisition and mergers have changed the names over the last 20 years, our products and history are tied to historical names such as Holland Hitch, Binkley, Neway and more recently, The Holland Group. Today as SAF-HOLLAND, we are an international company with products in every corner of the world. Our customer can be assured that we will continue to evolve our business so that we can best serve them in the most efficient customer focus manner with the best products and services possible.

SAF’s legacy started in 1881 when Paul Zill, a blacksmith from Keilberg, Germany developed the Zill two-way plow for the agricultural industry. Mr. Zill’s blacksmith shop expanded into a small family operation as popularity for his plow grew and agricultural axles were added to the product line. Time passed - and the family operation evolved to became Otto Sauer Achsen Fabrik (SAF), a leader in the design and manufacture of integrated axle and suspension systems for commercial trailers.

Similar to SAF, Holland’s legacy also started in the agricultural industry in 1910 with the introduction of a safety release hitch for horse drawn plows. Founding father, Gerrit Den Besten, began the “Safety Release Clevis Company“ in Corsica, South Dakota. The company found new market opportunities in the automotive industry and moved operations to Holland, Michigan. Renamed The Holland Hitch Company, the family owned business grew into a global supplier in the commercial transportation industry.

Today - these two historical companies are together as SAF-HOLLAND, a global leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of quality engineered components, systems, and services to the commercial vehicle industry.

SAF-HOLLAND specializes in coupling, lifting, and suspension systems for trucks, buses, tractors, and trailers. SAF-HOLLAND products are sold and serviced under the SAF and Holland brand names from over 4,600 distributor and OEM locations around the world.