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Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive kit includes brackets and installation hardware, streamlining the replacement process
  • Engineered to meet original equipment specifications, ensuring a reliable fit and function
  • Improves trailer connection stability, enhancing safety during transport operations
  • Durable construction materials ensure long-lasting performance, even in rigorous use conditions
  • Facilitates the quick and efficient upgrade or repair of fifth wheel connections, minimizing downtime

SAF-HOLLAND ILS Fifth Wheel Bracket Replacement Kit

If you're looking for a complete solution for enhanced trailer stability, you can rely on the SAF-HOLLAND ILS Fifth Wheel Bracket Replacement Kit. This feature-rich kit includes the essential components, from durable brackets to secure mounting hardware, needed for a secure fifth-wheel connection, ensuring your heavy loads are transported safely and efficiently. The reinforced design of the SAF-HOLLAND RK-10689-4 ensures exceptional strength and rigidity, making it the perfect choice for high-stakes hauling. Additionally, the kit's precise engineering guarantees a perfect fit between your truck's fifth wheel and the trailer hitch, preventing unwanted movement or disconnection.

SAF-HOLLAND® is a product of the merger of two regional champions—SAF in Europe and Holland in the USA. This merger happened in December 2006 as a step to grow international markets for both companies. Today, the brand is leading the way in manufacturing chassis-related systems and components designed specifically for trailers but are also made available for trucks and buses. It is successful in expanding its customer base as it operates on six continents, with an estimated number of 3,500 employees working in all its facilities. The company's main products are axle and suspension systems, fifth wheels, coupling systems, kingpins, and landing gears.

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