SAF-HOLLAND part description


SAF Holland Pocket Insert

For fifth wheel maintenance and repairs, be sure to get a genuine SAF Holland pocket insert. This direct replacement part is specially made for SAF Holland fifth wheel assemblies to ensure safe, smooth, and reliable operation.

Features & Benefits

  • Manufactured according to OE specifications for compatibility and reliable performance
  • Material and performance tests ensure zero defects and compliance to strict quality standards
  • Precision machined and welded to exact tolerances for a seamless fit
  • Strength and yield characteristics meet SAE and other industry standards

SAF-HOLLAND XD-08908 Cross Reference

We have 1 alternatives for the XD-08908 by SAF-HOLLAND:

SAF-HOLLAND® is a product of the merger of two regional champions—SAF in Europe and Holland in the USA. This merger happened in December 2006 as a step to grow international markets for both companies. Today, the brand is leading the way in manufacturing chassis-related systems and components designed specifically for trailers but are also made available for trucks and buses. It is successful in expanding its customer base as it operates on six continents, with an estimated number of 3,500 employees working in all its facilities. The company's main products are axle and suspension systems, fifth wheels, coupling systems, kingpins, and landing gears.

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