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RACOR FILTERS part description

Crankcase blow-by is produced when combustion gases under high pressure are blown past the piston rings into the crankcase. Laden with oil, these gases must be allowed to exit the engine to prevent pressure build-up and seal failure. Blow-by oil mist can also coat engine after-coolers and turbochargers, which reduces cooling capacity and engine efficiency.

Designed for use in Racor CCV system filter housings (1500, 4500, 6000, 8000, 12000), CCV replacement elements utilize depth-loading, micro-glass, fiber coalescing Vaporbloc™ media to remove oil contamination from engine bypass gases before they damage critical engine components and surrounding equipment. The replacement filters offer exceptional oil mist separation and are capable of coalescing vapor and contaminants down to 0.3 microns. The resulting filtered and coalesced oil is held in a hose line with a check valve, until it is released to the oil pan via a hose connection.

CCV replacement elements come available in three different filtration ratings to meet the unique requirements of customers’ systems. They include:

High efficiency elements - Used for most open and closed crankcase system applications.

Ultra-high efficiency elements - Used in closed crankcase systems where the engine has higher blow-by and over 5000 hours of run time.


• Agriculture
• Construction
• Power Generation
• Oil and Gas
• On- or Off-highway


• Diesel Engines


• Prevents fouling of critical engine components, such as turbochargers and after-coolers by removing oil contamination from engine bypass gases.
• Eliminates crankcase emissions and provides a cleaner engine environment
• Reduces operating costs and improves safety in enclosed areas, where oil-laden gas from engines can coat and damage surrounding equipment, resulting in hazardous conditions and the need for costly maintenance.


• Utilizes depth-loading, micro-glass, fiber coalescing Vaporbloc™ media
• Compatible with various Racor CCV system filter housings (1500, 4500, 6000, 8000, 12000)
• Continuous operating temperature range -40° to 240°F (-40°C to 116°C)
• For optional kits, consult brochure 7790 in the “Product Support” tab
Series Type Cartridge Crankcase Ventilation
Brand Racor
Series CCV6000, CCV6001, CV6001
Filtered Medium Engine Blowby Gas
RACOR FILTERS CCV55274-08 Cross Reference

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Racor Filters® is a renowned name in the automotive and trucking industry. It specializes in the production of commercial filtration products such as fuel filters, oil filters, and engine-air filters. It started its operation in 1972 in Modesto, CA, and over a decade later, it was acquired by Parker Hannifin, a worldwide leader in motion and control technologies. Today, Racor Filters is known by many as Parker Racor, and it continues to develop more effective filtration media to keep up with customers' demands. All Racor filters are made to the highest quality standards to meet stringent new engine performance requirements and ensure longer service life.


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