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  • Reverse-Polarity Protection: Protects the WIF sensor from damage when the wires are connected to a power source in reverse.
  • Housings Permanently Marked For Identification (laser etched): Markings are permanent, easily read, and replace detachable paper labels.
  • False Detection Prevention (water slosh delay): Time delay turns lamp ‘on’ when in contact with water for more than 2 seconds.
  • EMC Compliant: Robust design and manufacture assures protection from electromagnetic interference.
  • Circuit Board Power Controller (10 vdc, continuous): Assures 10 volt dc is never exceeded to protect electronics during surges and spikes during operation.
  • Probe Tip Enhanced Protection (power off): Switches off power to probes upon detection of water and prevents electrolytic decay, largely increasing the life of the unit.

In a constant effort to supply our customers with the worlds best product, Racor is pleased to announce new and improved electronic features to the RK 30880 water-in-fuel (WIF) sensing probe. Effective immediately, Racor will offer these improved water detection sensors to our customers.

This high performance electronic water detecting probe sensor has a permanent easy-to-read, laser etched part number on the side of the probe housing.

This kit is designed with the detection electronics built-into the probe body and is for use with 12 or 24 Volt DC systems and with Racor collection bowls that have a 1/2”-20 threaded water probe port.

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Racor Filters® is a renowned name in the automotive and trucking industry. It specializes in the production of commercial filtration products such as fuel filters, oil filters, and engine-air filters. It started its operation in 1972 in Modesto, CA, and over a decade later, it was acquired by Parker Hannifin, a worldwide leader in motion and control technologies. Today, Racor Filters is known by many as Parker Racor, and it continues to develop more effective filtration media to keep up with customers' demands. All Racor filters are made to the highest quality standards to meet stringent new engine performance requirements and ensure longer service life.


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