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Racor Filtration is the filtration division of the much larger Parker-Hannifin Corporation, the same company that produces the world-renowned lineup of Chelsea products. Over the division's vibrant history, it has produced countless pieces, parts, and hardware designed for removing various contaminants from thousands of engines worldwide.

The Parker-Hannifin Corporation was founded in 1917 in response to the rising demand for automotive design in the United States and across the rest of the world. The Racor line of products followed suit in 1969, over 50 years later. The first patent for Racor was a highly efficient fuel filter designed to remove water, dirt, rust, and even algae from diesel fuel. That legacy would be continued throughout the company's history with products like Racor's integrated fuel heaters, Aquabloc filters and separators, and Racor's Sentinel System.

Today, Racor produces a variety of high-tech filters, separators, etc. with designs inspired by the Racor Sentinel System from the 1980s. These devices are capable of detecting catastrophic component failure before it's too late, shutting down the engine in time to prevent irreversible damage.

The Racor Division's commitment to innovation and design has made it possible for Parker-Hannifin to partner with countless distributors the world over. That fact has enabled the Racor brand to supply filtration products to multiple continents, dozens of countries, and thousands of truckers.

We carry hundreds of different Racor filters to make it as easy as possible to shop Racor products, many of which are also cross-referenced with competitor products.