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With almost 40 years of industry experience, SAS Safety Corp. offers head-to-toe safety products for respiratory, hearing, eyes, hands, body, and face protection as well as first-aid kits, spill containment, and other safety accessories. Whether you're a safety manager or a DIYer, SAS Safety products can help maintain compliance with safety laws and prevent injuries at home and in the workplace. It is also involved in the development of safety awareness programs and online courses that can help empower end-users to make informed safety-related decisions based on the area of protection, potential hazards, or a specific task in the workplace.

SAS Safety Corp. products are designed with high quality in mind. The brand's key products are hand and hearing protection devices, respirators, and protective eyewear. It is widely known for its line of hand gloves, which are made of natural and synthetic rubber materials that offer protection against a wide variety of hazards while still retaining their flexibility. Shatter-proof polycarbonate plastic, high-grade steel mesh, and other heavy-duty materials are also used to ensure durability in demanding applications, including those in agricultural, automotive, and marine industries.

To meet international standards, SAS Safety Corp. is ISO 9001 certified and makes use of ISO processes to ensure consistently high-quality products and services. The brand's safety equipment also meets specific industry standards such as NIOSH certification for respirators and ANSI and CE compliance for protective wear. With the right safety equipment and comprehensive safety policy, SAS Safety Corp. and FinditParts can help maintain productivity while keeping you and your fellow employees safe.