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About Advanced Motors & Drives

Finding an electric motor nowadays isn't that difficult. But if you want the best, you shouldn't settle for anything less than those made by Advanced Motors & Drives. Based in East Syracuse, NY, Advanced Motors & Drives is one of a handful of manufacturers around the world that specialize in AC, DC, and brushless DC motors. From general-purpose units to more specialized ones, its motors can be found in a variety of applications, including lift trucks, utility vehicles, scissor and boom lifts, floor care equipment, golf carts, and so much more. As a member of the Nidec Group, a multinational leader in motor application products, Advanced Motors & Drives is backed by a worldwide network of manufacturing and distribution facilities as well as decades of industry expertise.

Advanced Motors & Drives Parts

Advanced Motors & Drives offers a competitive selection of brushed and brushless AC and DC motors and drive parts that cater to different types of automotive and industrial applications. These components are engineered to help drive operating and maintenance costs down while raising their quality, performance, and durability. Each and every Advanced Motors & Drives part is also tested by certified technicians for noise, vibration, and other CTQs before being shipped out. This guarantees that Advanced Motors & Drives parts will consistently perform at an optimum pace even in the most demanding operating conditions.

DC Motors

Advanced Motors & Drives has built its reputation in manufacturing DC motors, and it continues to be an industry leader. Its line of brushed and brushless DC motors offers many advantages that the rest of the competition simply cannot deliver. One particular feature is their high ratio of torque to inertia of every motor, which makes the motor flexible enough to be used in different types of applications that require high levels of torque at low speeds. Wound field DC motors are also available that have higher torque and speed than a conventional permanent magnet motor. These brushed motors are also manufactured in different types of enclosures, mounting options, and various other features.

AC Motors

The brushless AC motors from Advanced Motors & Drives are designed for efficiency and performance under demanding operating conditions but at a smaller frame size compared to similar AC induction motors in the market. Each AC motor is backed by decades of expertise and innovations in brushless AC motor and drive technology, enabling it to dependably power various types of industrial applications. So it's no surprise that Advanced Motors & Drives AC motors are the popular choice by customers worldwide that are looking for a competitive product in terms of cost, efficiency, and motor performance.

One of the key features Advanced Motors & Drives AC motors have is the various magnet options available. For general purpose applications that don't have high power density requirements, for example, Advanced Motors & Drives offers ferrite magnet AC motors. These motors utilize tried-and-tested ferrite magnets that are more efficient than conventional induction motors without breaking the bank. For traction applications, there are AC motors with rare-earth/neodymium flat magnets that provide both efficiency and power density. And suppose you're looking for a high-power model. In that case, there are V-magnet AC motors that make extensive use of neodymium magnets to provide the highest power output per density in a highly compact unit.

For cooling options, customers can choose from AC motors with air, water/glycol, and oil cooling systems. Air-cooled motors are the easiest to install, but for high-power applications that generate a bit of heat, water-cooled motors are better at keeping the temperature down. For extreme-duty applications, however, an oil-cooled AC motor offers the highest level of heat removal and has the bonus of having a smaller profile than its counterparts. However, this type of motor is only recommended if an oil supply already exists.

Induction Motors

With the rising demand for low-voltage AC (LVAC) induction motors, especially in the electric vehicle industry, Advanced Motors & Drives offers its own line of high-performance LVAC induction motors that are competitive in both cost and performance. Each motor takes advantage of the latest innovation in induction motor technology as well as decades of experience in designing high-performance and cost-effective motors.

Advanced Motors & Drive LVAC motors are engineered to be as mechanically simple as possible, making it easier to control and maintain as well as bring down the cost without compromising quality. The motors feature a balanced 3-phase wound stator and a cast rotor core, enabling it to transfer electrical energy from the stator to the rotor without the need for slip rings and brushes, resulting in a smoother and quieter operation. Also, because there are fewer parts to wear out, Advanced Motors & Drive LVAC induction motors are more maintenance-friendly.


Advanced Motors & Drives recommends using their own line of speed sensors and temperature sensors to maximize the performance of their motors. Their sensors comply with industry standards and have undergone a rigorous battery of performance tests under various operating conditions. All of these guarantee reliability and durability at a competitive price.

Custom Motors

For those looking for a more specific solution, Advanced Motors & Drives also designs and manufactures customized motors that are tailored to the needs of the customer. Whether it's a blank sheet design or a minor modification to an existing model in their catalog, Advanced Motors & Drives can build a motor or drive product that meets your specification. Some of the parameters that can be customized include the torque, speed, duty cycle, power source, and control systems. The motor can also be tailored for specific operating conditions with added protections such as water and thermal resistance.

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