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Intelligent risk-taking, high performance, and practical innovation—these are the three essential values that drive Husco into becoming the industry-leading that it is today. Husco is a privately-owned company that conceptualizes and manufactures hydraulic and electro-mechanical control systems for various applications, including material handling, agriculture, commercial equipment, and construction. It is backed by more than 70 years of experience in designing and crafting parts for automotive and off-highway equipment. 

Husco's off-highway team takes pride in being committed to excellence in creating solutions that improve the equipment's productivity, efficiency, and safety. Should you need components for trucks, commercial vehicles, and off-highway equipment, don't think twice in choosing Husco.

From perfecting an existing technology to developing an entirely new product or system, Husco sticks to the company's simple business model—develop innovative, robust solutions that add value for the end-user. The brand understands that coming up with the best possible solution requires searching for creative ways to address the customers' needs without lowering its high standards for manufacturing and product quality. For the automotive and truck parts market, Husco delivers first-rate electro-hydraulic and electro-mechanical parts that improve driving performance, enhances vehicle safety, and maximizes fuel efficiency.  

All Husco products for trucks, commercial vehicles, earthmovers, off-road vehicles, and heavy-duty equipment parts are durably built to withstand heavy load and to perform well even under the most challenging conditions. If you need Husco seal kits, springs, valve assemblies, control valves, bolts, rods, and many other products from this brand, FinditParts has them in huge assortment. Find the exact component you need using our easy lookup feature and place your order. With our low prices and reasonable shipping rates, restoring your fleet to proper working order is easy on the pocket.

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HUSCO 406-1023-1136B pilot valve HUSCO 4545-B valve HUSCO 6400-B29E valve HUSCO 6500-2-13F valve HUSCO 5000-253E control valve,4 spool control, HUSCO 5002CC-AH6 valve sec HUSCO 9610-C35-H01-G10E122 hydraulic control valve HUSCO 5060-2800 rel valve HUSCO 5004-N1 valv sect HUSCO 6002-K76 valve section HUSCO 50825-4-B93E valve HUSCO 5060B section HUSCO 5002-A1159 valve section HUSCO 7470-C-15A valve HUSCO 9110-C18A valve HUSCO P5001-N13 valve sec HUSCO P5002-V140 valve sec HUSCO 51790 seal kit HUSCO 5002-B191 valve section HUSCO 55375 restrictr HUSCO 55876-1 piston HUSCO 5002-BR2 valve section HUSCO 6400C17 valve HUSCO 52710C/3500/7.6 rel valve HUSCO 6000-A36 valve HUSCO 50565-1 plug HUSCO 7120-B25G valve asm HUSCO 5002-AR5 valve section HUSCO P5002-V146 valve sec HUSCO J96J944-05 valve HUSCO P5002-V163 valve sec HUSCO 3202-51-L valve HUSCO 5069-A21 tie rod HUSCO 5014-B spring HUSCO 4502-43C valve HUSCO 7140-B-22B valve HUSCO 5003CC-H1 valve sec HUSCO 55878 valv sect HUSCO 6000CC-G2 spool valve HUSCO 6000-A10G valve HUSCO 5002-E86 valv sect HUSCO 5000-E95H valve HUSCO 5002D-A13 section HUSCO B06A5596-01 control valve HUSCO 59695 seat spring HUSCO 6002-K174 valve section HUSCO PSCX300-D34 spool section asm HUSCO 53982-1 seal kit HUSCO 3701-45-D valve HUSCO 55047 ring backup HUSCO 7130-B-44C valve HUSCO 6000-F-14D valve HUSCO 7120-D35D valve mcv 4 spool HUSCO 51650-4-3600 valve cart relief 3600 psi HUSCO 53976 seal kit HUSCO N5001-A59 section HUSCO 3701-28-E hydraulic valve HUSCO 5000-F132 hydraulic valve asm HUSCO 5002-A1164 valve section HUSCO 6027-46 tie rod 410e 6 stack HUSCO 59386 kit seal HUSCO 5000CC-F2B valve asm HUSCO 7000CC-D27 directional control valve HUSCO 51650-2/3500/6.3 rel valve HUSCO 6500-B-15 C valve HUSCO 6102 pinspecial HUSCO P5002-W34 valve sec HUSCO P5003-A67 valve sec HUSCO L96C698-05 valve HUSCO 59425-2-AA spool lift HUSCO 6024-44 tie rod HUSCO 6002-K60 valve sec HUSCO 5002D-A14 spool sec HUSCO 53592 seal kit HUSCO 5000-C280E valve HUSCO 5000-E112E control valve 5 spool control HUSCO 5002CC-AH4 valve sec HUSCO 6004-H1 end plate HUSCO 55374 seat HUSCO 6000-B-197 valve HUSCO 5089-A21 tie rod HUSCO 55032 end cvr HUSCO 6002-J494 spool section HUSCO 6033 bolt HUSCO 5069-6 tie bolt HUSCO 5002-B179 valv sect HUSCO 5002-S3 valv sect HUSCO 53073 plug HUSCO 6400-B26C valve asm HUSCO 9720-B1 hydraulic control valve HUSCO P6001-J14 inlet section HUSCO 5000-F119 valv assy HUSCO 59291 spacer HUSCO 51537 nut HUSCO 5002CC-B21 valve section HUSCO N5002-AE11 spool section HUSCO P5002-FC1 valve sec HUSCO N5002-A1018 spool section HUSCO 6024-46 tie rod 410e 6 stack HUSCO 3201-16A valve HUSCO 5150-1-7B valve HUSCO 5002-YA12 valve section HUSCO E95E91904 valve HUSCO C94F610-00 valve HUSCO N5003-A1 section HUSCO 6000-B206A control valve 2 spool HUSCO 5060-S/2500/8 rel valve HUSCO 5060-S1/3900/5 rel valve HUSCO F12A3835-00 valve HUSCO A000772 valve HUSCO 52710-C/4000/9 relief valve HUSCO 5002-BR3 valve section HUSCO PSCX122-E5 spool section asm HUSCO 5000CC-F2A valve asm HUSCO 53076 ring backup HUSCO 52727-2 seal kit HUSCO 5089-7 rod HUSCO 5002CC-AH2 valve sec HUSCO N55400-1 check valve assy HUSCO 5001-A117 secinlet HUSCO 53044 spring HUSCO 11240 plug HUSCO 508253 relief valve HUSCO 59790 end spool HUSCO 5002-ER2 valve section HUSCO 5002-A1139 valve arm HUSCO 4448 detentpin HUSCO 5000-F108 valve HUSCO 59791 seat spring HUSCO 6400-B27E valve HUSCO 6420-28L valve asm HUSCO 5000-F74G valve HUSCO 5001-J3 valv sect HUSCO 5002-ER3 valve section HUSCO 5002-YA13 valve section HUSCO 55396 set screw HUSCO 7120-C-40B valve HUSCO 5002-YA9 valve offset HUSCO 5000-D60A valve asm HUSCO 5000-E174A control valve 5 spool HUSCO N6021 spacer HUSCO N52893 spool end HUSCO 5000-A155A 9145hoist HUSCO 7470-D26E control valve - 2 section HUSCO 6001-D53 inlet sec HUSCO 5003-A63 outlet sec HUSCO 5000-F146 valve control 6 spool HUSCO PSCX123-A4 spool section asm HUSCO 5060S1/3200/12 rlf valve HUSCO 53619 seal kit Browse more...