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KYSOR Multi-Purpose Sensor

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5022-33670-03 5022-33670-03
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Multi-Purpose Sensor
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5022-33990-01 5022-33990-01
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Multi-Purpose Sensor
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About Kysor

Kysor is a division of Bergstrom Inc., an industry leader in the design and manufacture of cab climate systems for off-highway machines, heavy-duty commercial trucks, and specialty vehicles. Bergstrom, which started in 1949, has come a long way since it began producing heaters and air conditioning units for Carpenter & Thomas School Buses, Caterpillar, Kenworth trucks, Volvo, and New Holland. In 2000, it acquired Kysor-Westran and started producing HVAC for Mack Truck.

Kysor has developed complete air conditioning and heating systems for various applications. A few of the more notable products that Kysor manufactures are clutch linings, such as the 1033-09340-01, intended for use in K26 models. These Kysor parts—and the others in its product catalog—have enabled the brand to rise to international success among truckers, repair people, and technicians worldwide.

Kysor Parts

The heating and air conditioning system within your truck does more than just keeping you comfortable when you drive. It also helps defrost the windows during the colder months and ensure only clear air circulate inside the vehicle. But just like in any other systems in your truck, you will also encounter issues with your HVAC unit over time.

To know if your HVAC system already requires servicing, check out for these signs: strange and unpleasant smells coming from the HVAC unit, a pool of water under the truck, little to no air coming from the vents, and air conditioning is blowing out hot air. If you begin to notice any of these, then it’s most likely that one or more HVAC parts need to be repaired or replaced. Good thing, Kysor offers a wide selection of air conditioning systems and heating replacement parts to help restore the like-new condition of your HVAC units.


When you hear loud or strange noises from your air conditioning unit and when there are higher temperatures than normal in the cabin, chances are you’ve got a bad or failing A/C compressor. Kysor has got the right solution for you. Kysor compressors are made to meet the highest quality standards for guaranteed performance and reliability. Some of the options available are Sanden Style Compressors, Valeo Style Compressors, and CCI Style Compressors.


When the condenser goes bad, you’ll begin to notice lukewarm air from vents, a burning smell, and coolant leaks. The warning lights on the dashboard will also turn on and overheating while idling is also likely to occur. To fix this issue, replace the bad condenser with a high-quality Kysor condenser. Condensers from this brand are manufactured following stringent processes and are rigorously tested to ensure they work properly and last for long periods.


If you've got a failing air conditioning unit, one of the parts you must check is the evaporator. It is a small radiator that works by providing cold air for the air-conditioning system. It is composed of evaporator coils responsible for picking up heat from the air inside the cabin. Because of this crucial function, it is susceptible to dust or dirt buildup over time. When you need a replacement for your clogged evaporator, Kysor has got you covered. It offers a variety of evaporators and evaporator coils to meet your specific needs.

Heater Cores

The heater core may be a simple device, but it can cause serious problems when it goes bad. Some of the symptoms of a failing heater core to watch out for include little to no heat inside the truck, foggy windows, an odd smell inside the vehicle, a coolant leak or a coolant level drop, and an engine that is running hot. When you notice one or more of these, check the heater core and see if it needs replacing. If yes, then check out Kysor heater cores because these are reliable replacements.

Receiver Driers

Leakage, unusual noises, ineffective cooling, bad odor, and cloudy sight glass—these are the telltale signs of a malfunctioning A/C receiver drier. Although the recommended interval to replace this component is every second year, it can be replaced even before noticing any of these signs. Kysor receiver driers are high-quality replacement components because they are made following strict OE standards.


Whether you need a single groove, double groove, or multi-groove, Kysor has complete coverage of fan clutches. These clutches are made to offer superior performance, maximum reliability, extended service life, and high efficiency. These are also made to exacting standards, so they are easy to install in your vehicle. So, when you need to replace your existing fan clutch or clutch lining kit, make sure to go for the Kysor brand.

Air Filters

When your cabin air filter is failing, you will notice poor airflow from the vents, unusual odor from the truck's vents, foggy or icy windows, and increased fan noises. It is highly recommended to check the filter at once when these symptoms become evident to avoid more serious damage to your vehicle’s air conditioning unit. Kysor has got a vast range of air filters, and each filter is made using premium-quality materials to ensure reliable filtering performance at all times.

Blower Motors

The primary function of the blower motor is to make sure air gets blown into the cabin. It acts as the main electric motor that circulates either warmed or cooled air through the vents. When it starts to fail, you will notice a weak to no airflow from the vents and the fan only blows at certain speeds. Replace any failing blower motor at once with the one from Kysor. Kysor produces only the highest quality blower motors to keep you comfortable when you drive.

Defrost Fans

Defective defrost fans can affect your HVAC unit’s overall performance. So, be sure to replace it with a high-quality defrost fan from Kysor. Kysor stringently tests each defrost fan before it comes out of the assembly line to ensure it works properly for a long period of time.

Other Kysor HVAC Replacement Parts

Kysor takes pride in its vast selection of HVAC replacement components, so aside from the ones mentioned above, there are other products that you can check out from this brand. These include switches, fittings, retrofit adapters, louvers, expansion valves, solenoids, water valves, and actuators. It also offers control knobs, mounting brackets, fan blades, blower wheels, and o-rings. Whatever it is that you need to restore the like-new condition of your HVAC unit, Kysor has got it. So, don’t put off replacing any damaged HVAC parts because, at Kysor, even the most basic replacement parts are available.

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