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Paint Over Rust or POR Products is one of the leading brands in high-performance anti-rust coatings for automotive, aircraft, industrial, and general-purpose applications. Under the POR-15 line, its products create an impenetrable barrier on surfaces that repels water, chemicals, salt, UV rays, corrosive contaminants, and general wear and tear. They are designed to be applied directly on rusted or seasoned metal and concrete surfaces. The brand also offers specialty sealers and fillers that protect against water and chemicals and fills gaps on various surfaces. All products are manufactured in-house in POR's New York headquarters and are made in compliance with health and environmental standards.

POR-15 offers the best solution to stop rust from metal surfaces and ensures the best results when applying other protective coatings. From cleaning to coating, POR-15's system of products creates a non-porous surface on the metal that effectively protects it from water, salt, chemicals, and other corrosive substances. The degreaser line strips grease, oil, dirt, and grime in a single application without leaving residue and noxious fumes. At the same time, the company's metal prep solution neutralizes the remaining rust and chemicals from etched or treated metal and provides optimum adhesion even on polished surfaces. And to provide more permanent protection, POR-15 Rust Preventive Coating can be applied directly on stabilized or pre-treated metal surfaces to create a hammer-tough finish that is highly resistant to acids and alkalis and repels fuels and oils.

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