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With a history that stretches back almost 90 years, Lang is one of the world's most respected brands of professional hand tools for automobiles. The company is recognized for developing the first ratcheting box wrench and continues to lead the way by developing innovations in the automotive tools industry. Today, the company remains a family-run business in Racine, WI, with a worldwide distribution network that caters to automotive technicians, industrial end-users, and consumers looking for professional-grade hand tools.

From locking pliers to gasket scrapers, Lang provides tools designed to accomplish specific tasks quickly and efficiently. The brand's tools are made from chrome vanadium and heat-treated steel alloys for maximum strength and durability, with precision-machined jaws, teeth, and wrench openings for a reliable grip that keeps slippage to a minimum. Lang tools are also coated with a special chrome plating to protect it against corrosion and ensure long service life. In addition, Lang also manufactures specialty truck tools such as diesel valve feeler gauges and slack adjusters to make specific truck repairs and maintenance tasks faster and easier. All tools are also guaranteed to be defect-free, thanks to a strict quality control system, and are compliant with local, federal, and international health, safety, and environmental standards.

Trusted by professionals worldwide, Lang tools offer reliable and durable performance at an affordable price. If you're looking to add these quality tools to your collection, FinditParts has got you covered. We offer great deals on automotive hand and power tools from Lang, so check us out today.

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LANG 3595 12 pc. quick switch retaining ring pliers LANG 972 40 pc. sae & metric thread restorer kit LANG 2599 master spindle rethreader die set LANG 7578 heavy truck 7/16" haldex® automatic slack adjuster wrench LANG 1167-O foam floor mat LANG 71318 standard schrader hose assembly LANG TU-32-20 compucheck fuel system pressure test gauge LANG 3079 master feeler gauge set for h.d. truck valve adj. LANG 1485 internal retaining ring pliers - interchangeable tip LANG 971 48 pc. sae & metric thread restorer kit LANG 1487 2 pc. 16" snap ring pliers set LANG 1407 9” lock ring pliers, straight tip LANG TU-550 master global fuel injection test kit LANG TU-15-35 diesel adapter, m8-1.00 LANG 3350 injector height gauge LANG 802 wheel stud installers with rethreaders LANG 12025 25-blade feeler gauge LANG TU24APB 3-way exhaust back pressure kit LANG 3495 12 pc. combination internal/external snap ring pliers set LANG ROWM-1618 16mm x 18mm 12 pt. offset ratch. box wrench LANG 299 battery terminal brush - metal case LANG 3492 snap ring pliers LANG 277 brake caliper press, 1 to 3 in. size range, universal LANG TU324 feul pressure system ford power stroke LANG 3085 offset valve tappet gauge set - imports LANG 950 11 pc. gasket hole punch set LANG 1137 retractable test leads, 2 leads x 30-ft. LANG 1138 magnetic retractable test leads, 2 leads x 30' LANG 295A 9-volt battery computer memory saver LANG 6525 5/16" extra long ratcheting side ­terminal battery wrench LANG TU15-53 super american diesel compression test set LANG 853-3ST 3 pc pry bar set 12-17-25 LANG 3275A gauge feeler set LANG 5455 2 pc. brake bleeder wrench LANG 50-2611-0005 5/16x24 rethread tap LANG 50-2623-0005 12mm x 1.50 tap LANG 52-2659-0005 12mm tap LANG 9903A 5/16" & 3/8" sq. x 3/16" & 1/4" sq. flat refrig. wr. LANG 782 chuck truck straight dual head LANG RBM-1314 13mm x 14mm 6 pt. flat ratchet box wrench LANG ROWM-1314 13mm x 14mm 6 pt. offset ratch. box wrench LANG 8569 heavy truck 9/16" bendix® automatic slack adjuster wrench LANG ROWM-0910 9mm x 10mm 6 pt. offset ratch. box wrench LANG 36A 32-blade feeler gauge LANG 1176 7-pc. retractable test lead set LANG RB2428 3/4-7/8 ratchet wrench LANG FG-35-A 35 blade feeler gauge LANG 50-2623 tap m12 x 1.50 rethread LANG 1167R replacement alligator clips LANG 529 socket magnetic spark plug 13/16 LANG TU-15-26 die compression test adapter LANG 13803 automotive digital multimeter kit LANG 3406 6 in 1 fan clutch wrench LANG 5469 double ended plastic handle for feeler blades LANG 1408 9” lock ring pliers, bent tip LANG 1406 3pc. lock ring pliers set LANG CLT-2PB cylinder leakage tester in a plastic case LANG TU-15-55 light-duty truck diesel compression tester kit LANG 528 3/8" dr magnetic spark plug socket, 5/8" LANG 1409 9” lock ring pliers, right angle tip LANG 54-2675-0005 LANG 1434 hi-tech pliers LANG 1480 lg pinch off pliers offset LANG 1129 retractable test leads - 3 leads x 10' LANG 1610 14-blade valve lash gauge LANG TU-32-6 gm 6.6l duramax diesel fuel system test kit LANG 1460 sm pinch off pliers offset LANG 855-4ST 4 pc specialty scraper set LANG 5208 remover pin quad 4 LANG 43182 18mm oring for tu-29pb LANG 72401 adapter hose LANG TU32-23 powerstroke fuel pressure adapt. LANG TU12P tester engine oil ns 092095 LANG 1030 specialty rethreader set LANG 850 universal seal puller kit LANG 210 tail pipe cutter - long chain LANG 833 brake drum and rotor puller LANG ROW-1618 1/2" x 9/16 6 pt. offset ratchet box wrench LANG 1421 quick switch pliers with adjustable stop and tip kit LANG 615 tie rod wrench LANG 436A exhaust hanger removal pliers LANG 73111 m12 & m16 (9/16") compression adapter - ford LANG B10A 5/16" gm side terminal battery wrench LANG TU-15-38 diesel compression test adapt LANG 853-25 25in curved pry bar w/ cap LANG 13800 digital thermometer LANG TU310P motorcycle compression test set xxx LANG 522 19 pc. magnetic socket inserts (standard & metric) LANG 75 retaining ring pliers with ­automatic ratchet lock and tip kit LANG 4655 slack adjuster release tool (kas4651) LANG 1470 md pinch off pliers offset