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With a history that stretches back almost 90 years, Lang is one of the world's most respected brands of professional hand tools for automobiles. The company is recognized for developing the first ratcheting box wrench and continues to lead the way by developing innovations in the automotive tools industry. Today, the company remains a family-run business in Racine, WI, with a worldwide distribution network that caters to automotive technicians, industrial end-users, and consumers looking for professional-grade hand tools.

From locking pliers to gasket scrapers, Lang provides tools designed to accomplish specific tasks quickly and efficiently. The brand's tools are made from chrome vanadium and heat-treated steel alloys for maximum strength and durability, with precision-machined jaws, teeth, and wrench openings for a reliable grip that keeps slippage to a minimum. Lang tools are also coated with a special chrome plating to protect it against corrosion and ensure long service life. In addition, Lang also manufactures specialty truck tools such as diesel valve feeler gauges and slack adjusters to make specific truck repairs and maintenance tasks faster and easier. All tools are also guaranteed to be defect-free, thanks to a strict quality control system, and are compliant with local, federal, and international health, safety, and environmental standards.

Trusted by professionals worldwide, Lang tools offer reliable and durable performance at an affordable price. If you're looking to add these quality tools to your collection, FinditParts has got you covered. We offer great deals on automotive hand and power tools from Lang, so check us out today.