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Whether you own cargo trucks for product transport or a fleet of commercial vehicles, you can rely on Todco to keep your truck doors in good working condition. Todco has been manufacturing heavy-duty cargo truck roll-up doors, trailer swing doors, replacement doors, and walk ramps since 1957. It has expanded its product line-up to include genuine Todco parts and lubes to make door repair and maintenance for automotive professionals and service technicians easier and faster.

A poorly working door may seem like a minor problem, but it can lead to more serious mishaps and injuries if left neglected. If it becomes a struggle to open or close your truck door, use only genuine Todco parts to replace or repair missing or loose hinges, cables, rollers, and other components that prevent it from working properly. The brand also offers a comprehensive list of hardware parts like lock washers, bolts, pull straps, screws, seals, cable drums, and rivets. These products are designed, developed, and perfected by Todco to ensure your truck door can handle the tough work of keeping your cargo safe and secure, whether on or off the highway.

If you want to keep your truck door's rollers, springs, hinges, counterbalance bearings, and moving lock parts protected against wear, friction, corrosion, and oxidation, Todco has also got you covered—introducing the Todco FG Lube. This lube is made using only an advanced food-grade quality formula that's proven to resist corrosion and compatible with rubber and other sealing materials. Registered as an H1 lubricant with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Todco FG lube guarantees zero petroleum distillates, so it's safe to use in areas where incidental food contact is highly possible.

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