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With Right Weigh products, fleet owners and operators like you can take the guesswork out of driving your big rigs and keeping their weight within the legal standards. This brand understands that commercial vehicles are mandated by the law to maintain certain weight limits in many countries across the globe as they travel to their destinations. Government-owned weigh stations are even strategically positioned around the world to check if operators are abiding by these laws. If your truck is found to go beyond the recommended load weights, you will be required to pay hefty fines.

Right Weigh was established from a fleet owner's need for a simple and cost-effective solution for monitoring weight loads. It was in 1998 when Right Weigh's founder, Sid Campbell, developed the brand's first onboard load scale for his trailers and trucks. Being a fleet owner and operator in Alaska, he saw that his peers and colleagues in the business were also in need of the same solution. That paved Right Weigh's way to becoming the truck industry's go-to brand of onboard load scales.

Since the birth of its first product, Right Weigh has been true to its mission of producing reliable and budget-friendly load scale systems that upholds the profitability, safety, and productivity of commercial transport vehicles. Today, Right Weigh is the truck industry's leading provider of interior and exterior digital load scales, Bluetooth-enabled load scales, liquid-filled scales, as well as load-scale accessories.  

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