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Fowler High Precision is a global leader in manufacturing high-quality inspection, leveling, control, and calibration equipment. It uses only state-of-the-art electronics in designing and engineering its products to ensure they are compatible with the latest technology in computer integrated manufacturing and control. Made using premium-grade materials and following strict specifications, each Fowler product offers quality, accuracy, and reliable performance. 

But aside from inspection and calibration equipment, Fowler also provides tools necessary for careful inspection and accurate measurement. These include micrometers, indicators, calipers, height gages, and bore gages. If you want to set any bore gage up to 6 inches in diameter to an accuracy of .0001 inch, you can rely on Fowler's Bore Gage Setting Master Kit. This kit features a base anvil of 2.750 inches by .80 inches, two each of adjustable anvil of 2.375 inches by .375 inch, and 36-piece gage blocks. 

If you need to measure the inside of small holes, such as the valve guides, you might want to check out the Fowler Small Hole Gauge Set. This small hole gauge set is made extra long for gaging deep and shallow holes, slots, and grooves. It also features a knurled knob for size adjustment. Plus, it comes complete with four gages covering a range of .125 inch to .500 inch. 

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FOWLER 74-150-020 ez-drum electronic brake drum gauge FOWLER 72-520-199 magnetic base & black face indicator with fine adjust FOWLER 74-225-505-0 auto tread plus tire gage FOWLER 74-150-050 “wheels on” ez-drum reach electronic brake drum gauge FOWLER 74-101-777 12"/300mm drum and rotor measuring kit with xtra-value cal electronic caliper FOWLER 72-483-777 4 piece deburring cutter set FOWLER 74-150-004 electronic rotor gauge with twin conical anvils FOWLER 72-373-012 2 piece combination square and 12" blade FOWLER 72-520-110 indicator only FOWLER 74-646-401 electronic cylinder bore gauge FOWLER 74-870-001 xtra-value ii electronic micrometer FOWLER 72-010-888 16"/400mm extended range drum and rotor measuring kit FOWLER 72-520-767 disc and rotor/ ball joint gauge FOWLER 52-224-001-1 0-1" mechanical outside micrometer w/digital counter & ratchet stop thimble FOWLER 54-225-456-0 ip54 0-6" / 150mm electronic depth micrometer FOWLER 52-440-777-0 universal dial protractor with 6" & 12" blades FOWLER 53-762-102-0 shore d portable durometer FOWLER 53-672-036-0 shop-blox rectangular gage block set - 36 piece FOWLER 52-104-000-0 screw jack set FOWLER 54-225-555-0 xtra-value depth gage FOWLER 75-130-062 needle file set FOWLER 54-101-150-2 xtra-value cal 0-6''/150mm large easy-read display stainless digital caliper FOWLER 74-150-050-0 ez-drum reach electronic brake drum gage FOWLER 72-483-008 repl blade 72-483-003 all metals FOWLER 72-646-50 dial bore gauge FOWLER 52-229-214 0-4" outside micrometer set FOWLER 52-008-018-0 0-18" extended range dial caliper w/black dial FOWLER 72-585-125-0 mag base kit FOWLER 72-585-450-0 high precision flex mag and x-proof FOWLER 52-483-666-0 diamond file and deburring set FOWLER 52-008-706-0 0-6" shockproof dial caliper w/white dial FOWLER 52-229-201-0 0-1" mechanical outside micrometer w/ ratchet friction thimble FOWLER 52-008-024-0 0-24" extended range dial caliper w/black dial FOWLER 74-422-450-1 mini-mag protractor angle measurement tool FOWLER 74-102-006-0 autocal electronic caliper FOWLER 52-485-006 inch 26 leaf set tapered thickness gage FOWLER 74-101-175 electronic caliper FOWLER 54-100-000-2 0-6''/150mm stainless steel digital caliper w/ data output FOWLER 54-554-730-0 6"/150mm inside digital spring caliper FOWLER 72-307-012 rule ez read 12 FOWLER 54-101-175-0 poly-cal 0-6''/150mm fractional large easy-read display plastic digital caliper FOWLER 52-520-109-0 .001" agd indicator - black FOWLER 54-520-250-0 indi-x blue series 0-1"/ 0-25mm electronic indicator w/ lug back FOWLER 53-672-081-0 shop-blox rectangular gage block set - 81 piece FOWLER 52-224-002-1 1-2" mechanical outside micrometer w/ ratchet stop thimble FOWLER 52-008-704-0 0-4" shockproof dial caliper w/white dial FOWLER 72-482-040-0 36 pc. transfer punch set ideal for heavy duty applications FOWLER FOW72-480-070-0 8in straight edge plus FOWLER 72-500-290 6" long heavy duty automatic center punch FOWLER 72-585-015 magnetic base FOWLER 72-630-451 universal magnetic mini flex FOWLER 72-520-222 disc and rotor combo kit FOWLER 74-440-600 9" electronic level FOWLER 72-520-451 disc and rotor flex chrome kit FOWLER 72-227-001 standard 1" ns 041495 FOWLER 72-470-006 telescoping gage FOWLER 52-630-451-1 universal magnetic mini flex bar with led flashlight FOWLER 54-440-775-1 digi-pro electronic protractor FOWLER 72-585-115 indic & base wh face indic FOWLER 72-480-050 18" straight edge FOWLER 74-520-250 indi x blue elect indic 0 1"/2 FOWLER 72-585-245 flexible arm indicator set with anyform magnetic base FOWLER 74-150-006 rotocal electronic rotor gage FOWLER 72-234-222 0.3" - 1.3" digit counter disc brake micrometer FOWLER 72-483-888 universal deburring cleaning & countersink set FOWLER 72-520-757 disc and rotor/ball joint gage FOWLER 74-225-500 tire tread gauge FOWLER 74-102-006 autocal electronic caliper 6" fractional FOWLER 54-225-500-0 x-tread tire tread thickness gage FOWLER 54-100-004-2 0-4''/100mm stainless steel digital caliper w/ data output FOWLER 54-101-600-1 xtra-value cal 0-6''/150mm x-large easy-read display stainless digital caliper FOWLER 54-100-024-1 xtra-range 0-24''/600mm elongated jaws stainless digital caliper w/ data output FOWLER 74-440-775 12" digi-pro elect. protractor FOWLER 72-646-400 cylinder bore gauge FOWLER 72-483-003 deburring cutter FOWLER 72-234-402 extended range vernier disc brake micrometer FOWLER 72-370-012 combination square set FOWLER 74-225-555 xtra-value depth gage FOWLER 52-025-112-0 0-12" heavy duty dial caliper w/white dial FOWLER 54-870-001-0 xtra value 0-1"/25.4mm ip54 digital micrometer data output & ratchet stop thimble FOWLER 52-664-609-0 10x pocket optical comparator set with illuminator FOWLER 52-370-012-0 four piece 12" blade 4r graduation combination square set FOWLER 52-470-000-0 telescoping gage set with titanium coated contact points FOWLER 52-440-612-0 bevel protractor with 6" and 12" blades FOWLER 74-150-005 electronic rotor gauge FOWLER 72-483-006 repl blades 72- FOWLER 72-585-245-0 xproof indicator FOWLER 54-554-630-0 0-6" outside digital spring caliper FOWLER 54-422-450-1 mini-mag protractor FOWLER 74-554-630 6" outside digital caliper FOWLER 72-520-485 indicator FOWLER 72-585-005 magnetic base FOWLER 72-482-028 28 piece transfer punch set