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J&N Electric is an American manufacturer of electrical pieces, parts, and hardware for a variety of applications including heavy-duty trucking. Over the course of the company's history, it has maintained a high level of quality and a strong reputation for producing high-performing parts for truckers, engineers, and repairmen.

J&N was founded in 1954 as a simple automotive repair shop in Cincinnati, Ohio. After a few years of repairing and upgrading parts and hardware produced by other brands, the founders of J&N decided that they were going to start producing their own parts in order to satisfy many of the problems with existing automotive design that they had encountered throughout their career as repairmen.

Today, J&N has contracts with just about every major original equipment manufacturer (OEM), producing OEM-grade starters and alternators under those various brands. J&N also produces its own lineup of aftermarket products under the J&N brand. These products, both OEM and aftermarket, include a large catalogue of electrical accessories, lighting, tools, shop supplies, and more. Each one of the products that J&N offers are carefully tested and selected based on their quality and performance capabilities in order to provide truckers, repairmen, and technicians with parts that meet their preferred specifications.