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About J&N

J&N Electric is an American warehouse distributor of alternators, starters, motors, and generators for the heavy-duty aftermarket. Although each of these components is made tough and rigorously tested for maximum performance, it can also get damaged after some time. That is why this brand also supplies a wide range of replacement components and accessories designed to restore the like-new condition of J&N aftermarket alternators, starters, and more.

For fleet operators and truck owners using OEM starters, alternators, and other parts, J&N has got the exact replacement components you need too. J&N offers a comprehensive list of gaskets, seals, o-rings, nuts, boots, repair kits, and more for the complete restoration of your OEM alternator or starter. All these products are made to exacting standards for a precise fit and functionality.

J&N actually started as a general automotive repair shop in a basement of a building in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was founded in the summer of 1954 by John Kuechly, who preferred electrical work over the many other areas of automotive repair. Over the years, Kuechly decided to expand the business by building a storefront and become a specialized service distributor of electrical parts and other automotive replacement components.

With the business growing, J&N made several moves to bigger warehouses for greater efficiency and ease of operation. Still headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, the company carries some of the best brands in the automotive parts manufacturing industry, including Delco Remy, Prestolite, Cole Hersee, and Leece Neville. It also has a line of its own house brand of remanufactured units, which eventually became known as JanNco (short for J&N Company).

J&N Parts

J&N is committed to providing expansive product lines, exceptional product availability, and excellent customer service. That is why since its inception in 1954, it remains one of the industry leaders in the global distribution of high-quality J&N parts, including starters, alternators, and replacement components and accessories. With more than 2,000 new items added and introduced each year, J&N will stop at nothing to ensure its diverse customer base benefits from its growing product offerings.


J&N offers a vast range of alternators for different vehicle makes and models. It carries some of the best brands of alternators in the industry, including Bosch, Denso, Prestolite, Delco, and Leece Neville. It also supplies its own house brand of alternators, which is built to meet OE specifications for exact fit and functionality.

J&N alternators and all the other alternator options available from this distributor are manufactured following the strictest quality standards for maximum performance and reliability even when used in tough environments. They are engineered using premium-quality materials for superior durability and long-lasting service. They are also tested and inspected prior to shipment to ensure they are in good working condition.

The primary function of the alternator is to generate electricity, which is needed to recharge the battery. When this fails, it can affect the vehicle's overall performance. Or worse, it won't start at all. So be sure to replace your damaged alternator with a new one from J&N to bring your rig back on the road in no time.


Just like the alternator, the starter is another crucial component of your vehicle’s electrical system. This works by converting electrical energy to mechanical energy, which is used to crank the engine and start the vehicle. When you turn your key and nothing happens or hear grinding noise when trying to start the motor, it’s most likely that your vehicle has got a bad starter.

J&N starters are widely available in case you need to replace your bad starter soon. These starters are engineered to meet original specifications, so they fit and work just like the starter that came with your vehicle. They are also rigorously tested to ensure they perform at their peak at all times.

J&N also includes other brands of starters in its product offerings. So whether it’s a Denso, Delco, Marelli, Powerlite, or Prestolite you need, J&N has you covered. All these starter options are available at competitive prices without compromising quality.


If you’re looking for a new motor—be it a hydraulic motor, axle shift motor, gear motor, pump motor, and power steering motor—J&N has got you covered. Its hydraulic motors, for one, are made to meet the highest quality standards to ensure they perform the physical work within the vehicle’s hydraulic system efficiently. The same is true for the power steering motors. This type of motor is used in electric power steering systems—if the motor is failing, the vehicle may suffer a loss of steering assist.

Good thing, J&N has got a wide array of motors for a variety of purposes. Aside from those mentioned above, it also got snowplow lift motors, traction motors, wiper motors, siren motors, air vent motors, anchor motors, and hydraulic liftgate motors. And in case you need winch motors and other winch parts and accessories, J&N has got them too.


Generators play a crucial role in the performance of a specialty vehicle. They are a flexible power source, which makes them a valuable addition to equipment and vehicles used for construction, emergency response, disaster relief, and more. If you haven’t got one, you can always look at the various options available from J&N.

J&N offers over 100 generator options from various brands like Wilson, Remy, Lucas Electric, and Arrowhead. But it also got its own house brand, the JANNCO generator, which is a remanufactured unit. Reman generators offered by J&N are rebuilt to meet the specifications of their original counterparts, so they are proven to work just as well.

Components & Accessories

There is no need to look further for your repair and maintenance needs because J&N has got the right replacement components and accessories. From o-rings, seals, solenoids, and plugs to pulleys, stators, studs, and various tools and equipment, it has all these and more. It also carries a wide selection of accessories for your miscellaneous needs, including alarms, horns, batteries, connectors, gauges, and relays.

Featured Products (view all)

J&N 240-22002 push button switch, 2 positions, spst, momentary J&N 410-48154 starter 12v, 10t, cw, plgr, 2.2kw, new J&N 420-30001 generator 12v, 25a, cw J&N 410-12053 starter 12v, 12t, cw, dd, delco 40mt, new J&N 240-01073 power relay, 12v, 75a, 4 terminals, spst, continuous J&N 410-30000 starter 12v, 10t, cw, dd, lucas m127, new, oem J&N 220-12190R , drive assembly, spragg, 12t, 2.3" / 58.5mm od, cw, 19 straight spl. J&N 410-40036 starter 12v, 9t, cw, osgr, 1.7kw, new J&N 400-24034 alternator 24v, 100a, new J&N 245-12232 solenoid 24v, 4 terminals, intermittent, standard J&N 550-10011 work light, 12/24v, led, 1050 lumens, white, 4.33", flood, wide J&N 141-21002 brush & lead assembly, starters, 0.5" / 12.7mm l, 0.63" / 15.9mm w, 0.18" / 4.5mm h J&N 400-52076 alternator 12v, 40a, new J&N 410-52275 starter 12v, 15t, cw, osgr, 2kw, new J&N 340-12020 stator, 12v, 145-160a, 3 leads, standard J&N 400-24068 alternator 12v, 200a, new J&N 410-52099 , starter, 12v, 13t, cw, osgr, denso r, 2.5kw, new J&N 400-48227 alternator 24v, 60a, new J&N 400-16047 alternator 24v, 110a, leece neville 8lha, new J&N 250-01001 atc fuse kit J&N 410-24081 , starter, 12v, 9t, cw, plgr, 2.2kw, new J&N 410-54068 starter 12v, 10t, cw, pmdd, mitsuba sm14, new J&N 410-12573 starter 12v, 11t, ccw, dd, delco 42mt, 7.3kw, new, standard J&N 410-52525 starter 12v, 10t, cw, osgr, 2.5kw, new J&N 150-12003 dr brush holder assy J&N 410-44128 starter 12v, 9t, cw, pmgr, 1.4kw, new J&N 240-12027 dr single stage 12v J&N 240-22029 shutdown sol kit J&N 410-12286 starter 24v, 11t, cw, plgr, delco 39mt, 8.3kw, new J&N 640-01028 oil pressure gauge mechanical, 0 - 80lb J&N 410-30026 starter 12v, 10t, cw, dd, lucas 6m14, 3.6kw, new J&N 410-30045 starter 12v, 10t, cw, dd, lucas m127, 2.8kw, new, standard J&N 610-14037-100 16-14 butt jar 100pc J&N 410-12486 starter 12v, 11t, cw, pmgr, delco pg260l, 1.7kw, new J&N 430-22155 tilt/trim motor J&N 626-01006 isolator 140a, 1 input, 2 battery banks J&N 400-30000 , alternator, 12v, 36a, lucas a115, new, oem J&N 410-52061 starter 12v, 12t, ccw, dd, denso ga, 0.8kw, new J&N 410-48008 starter 12v, 10t, cw, pmgr, new J&N 400-52294 alternator J&N 410-14086 starter 12v, 9t, cw, dd, ford 4 1/2" mod ii, new J&N 550-10008 work light, 12/24v, led, 1200 lumens, white, 4.50", flood, narrow J&N 400-12404 alternator 12v, 72a, delco 10si, new, standard J&N 230-12202 12v 24si regulator J&N 410-21023 starter 12v, 24t, ccw, pmdd, new J&N 340-12119 delco 10si stator J&N 610-10013-60 12-10 butt jar 60pc J&N 430-58006 power shift control motor 12v J&N 410-54038 starter 12v, 9t, ccw, pmdd, mitsuba sm13, new J&N 172-12070 delco rectifier J&N 300-12063 10mt armature J&N 220-14017 mc drv 12t 12spl cw J&N 220-22013 bs 16t ccw drive J&N 172-12066 delco 24si rectifier J&N 410-21008 starter 12v, 9t, ccw, pmdd, new J&N 400-12249 alternator 12v, 145a, delco ad244, new J&N 410-52124 starter 12v, 13t, cw, osgr, denso ra, 1.4kw, new J&N 410-24237 starter 12v, 9t, cw, dd, 2.4kw, new J&N 400-30005 alternator 12v, 65a, new J&N 240-22000 toro 12v univ solenoid J&N 410-48122 starter 12v, 12t, cw, pmgr, 1.3kw, new J&N 371-12144 housing, de, starters, cast iron J&N 410-24065 starter 12v, 9t, cw, pmgr, 1.7kw, new J&N 410-22046 starter 120v, 17t, ccw, pmosgr, new J&N 410-12686 starter 12v, 11t, cw, plgr, delco 39mt, 7.3kw, new, economy J&N 400-12216 alternator 12v, 170a, delco 36si, new J&N 410-24105 starter 12v, 10t, cw, pmgr, 2.2kw, new J&N 410-44057 starter 12v, 15t, cw, osgr, 2.2kw, new J&N 430-20012 pump motor 12v, ccw J&N 410-24008 starter 12v, 9t, cw, pmgr, 1.4kw, new J&N 245-30011 electrical products solenoid lucas 12v solenoid J&N 400-12092 alternator 12v, 105a, delco cs130d, new J&N 400-44047 alternator 12v, 35a, new J&N 410-48009 starter 12v, 9t, cw, pmgr, 1.4kw, new J&N 400-48124 alternator J&N 245-52010 denso 12v solenoid J&N 400-12203 alternator 12v, 140a, delco 35si, new J&N 400-52062 alternator 12v, 35a, new J&N 141-12023-4 J&N 600-14016-100 jacketed duplex wire 2 conductors, 14 gauge wire J&N 410-12508 starter 24v, 12t, cw, dd, delco 50mt, 9kw, new, standard J&N 410-48084 , starter, 12v, 9t, cw, pmgr, 1kw, new J&N 610-51005 1/0 1/4 closed ring J&N 600-52002-25 welding cable 1 conductor, 2/0 gauge wire J&N 410-12114 starter 12v, 9t, ccw, dd, delco 10mt, new J&N 430-20000 winch motor 12v, 200a, reversible, 1.7kw / 2.28hp J&N 410-12171 starter 12v, 9t, ccw, dd, delco 14mt, new J&N 410-24251 starter 12v, 10t, cw, plgr, 3kw, new J&N 400-58013 alternator 12v, 20a, new J&N 400-16011 alternator 12v, 270a, leece neville 4800/4900, new J&N 400-48058 alternator 24v, 50a, new J&N 430-22169 tarp motor 12v, reversible J&N 400-24096 alternator 12v, 120a, new J&N 410-12280 starter 12v, 10t, cw, plgr, delco 38mt, 4.6kw, new J&N 410-52296 starter 12v, 10t, cw, osgr, denso r, 2.7kw, new J&N 400-24010 alternator 24v, 80a, new J&N 150-52002 denso brush holder J&N 400-16010 alternator 12v, 185a, leece neville 4800/4900, new J&N 400-40028 alternator 12v, 120a, new J&N 400-52150 alternator 12v, 140a, new J&N 410-12049 starter 24v, 11t, cw, dd, delco 40mt, new J&N 900-15001 s-110 steel shot J&N 151-12036 39mt brush holder J&N 222-12060 pg260 planetary gear J&N 400-36000 alternator 12v, 36a, new J&N 410-44098 starter 12v, 9t, cw, pmgr, new J&N 400-24049 alternator 12v, 50a, new J&N 410-12191 starter 12v, 10t, cw, dd, delco 37mt hdpe, new J&N 170-10001-5 J&N 610-14052-5 butt connector J&N 410-48158 starter 12v, 8t, cw, pmgr, 0.8kw, new J&N 410-12435 , starter, 12v, 10t, cw, plgr, delco 29mt, 2.9kw, new J&N 640-01007 tachometer/hourmeter mechanical J&N 410-12599 starter 12v, 9t, cw, pmgr, 1.7kw, new J&N 400-12231 alternator 12v, 105a, delco ad230, new J&N 400-16022 alternator 12v, 51a, new J&N 400-52131 alternator 12v, 55a, new J&N 800-01016 260/200w solder gun J&N 410-54231 starter 12v, 9t, ccw, pmdd, new J&N 240-01006 6v push button sol J&N 300-12100 std arm 20-27mt 2204 J&N 340-52007R 200a denso stator J&N 400-12198 alternator 24v, 70a, delco 21si, new J&N 400-52019 alternator 12v, 55a, new J&N 400-52089 alternator 12v, 80a, new J&N 410-21002 starter 12v, 8t, ccw, pmdd, new J&N 410-21029 starter 12v, 10t, ccw, pmdd, new J&N 410-21073 starter 12v, 10t, ccw, pmdd, new J&N 410-24137 starter 12v, 11t, ccw, dd, 2.2kw, new J&N 610-52002 2/0 1/2" closed ring J&N 610-18085-10 butt connector J&N 430-01009 pump motor 12v, cw, 1.7kw / 2.28hp J&N 600-14018-100 jacketed quadraplex wire 4 conductors, 14 gauge wire J&N 400-14198 alternator 12v, 95a, ford 3g, new J&N 400-14137 alternator 12v, 95a, ford 3g, new J&N 640-01022 oil pressure gauge mechanical, 0-80 J&N 600-14034-100 trailer cable 7 conductors, 14 gauge wire J&N 400-48065 alternator 12v, 50a, new J&N 141-41004 marelli brush set J&N 400-50017 alternator 24v, 60a, new J&N 410-12282 starter 12v, 10t, cw, plgr, delco 29mt, 3.3kw, new J&N 410-21007 starter 12v, 13t, ccw, pmdd, new J&N 410-24023 starter 12v, 10t, ccw, pmgr, 1.1kw, new J&N 410-52015 starter 12v, 11t, cw, osgr, new J&N 414-54037 mt starter kit J&N 600-14025-100 14ga primry wire J&N 110-12079 motorola conv. harn. J&N 240-01077 break away device J&N 261-20005 pp f/c 6v J&N 400-14013 alternator 12v, 130a, ford 3g, new Browse more...

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