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Most people remember Siemens for home appliances and telecommunications products, but they are also an industry leader in automotive parts. One of the biggest and oldest European manufacturers, Siemens has been designing and supplying automotive OEM components for more than half a century. From highly integrated manufacturing processes to cutting-edge research and development, the company brings a system-driven approach to connect all aspects of product design, testing, and manufacturing, resulting in a supply chain of OE-compliant components that is ready for the future.

Today, Siemens has hundreds of OEM replacement parts for various vehicle makes and models. Fan and blower motors are among its popular products, incorporating the same precision engineering and rugged craftsmanship found in Siemens industrial motors. Each component is also manufactured using the latest technologies, including 3D simulations and digital program management, to maximize efficiency without having to sacrifice quality. In addition, Siemens keeps spare parts in stock for up to ten years after a product is discontinued worldwide, ensuring smooth operation and maintenance of older vehicle models for years to come.

Despite increasing product demands and rapidly accelerating technological change, Siemens remains one of the top sources for OE-quality replacement parts. Here at FinditParts, we keep a comprehensive inventory of Siemens OEM parts for various makes and models. Browse our online catalog for a wide selection of OEM and aftermarket parts and accessories at very competitive prices. All our heavy duty truck parts and accessories are tested to ensure they are free from defects and comply with international quality and safety standards.