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For people in the delivery or transport business, it's always essential to invest in quality components. An accident due to a malfunctioning brake, shock, or other components will cost your business far more than you will ever gain by trying to save on inferior parts. This is why GLOBE IND is a trusted provider of high-quality components. With decades of experience in the industry, GLOBE IND puts more emphasis on bringing your vehicle safely to its destination by devising new ways to keep heavy duty trucks, trailers, buses, tractors, and other commercial vehicles safe on the road.

GLOBE IND products are known all over the world for their quality and reliability. Whether it is gear case motors, electric motors, trailer bumpers, sockets, or other components, GLOBE IND products are sure to bring any vehicle back up to speed. Each product is also designed and manufactured according to OE specifications, ensuring a smooth fit and a headache-free installation. With the vehicle running in tip-top shape, the improved road safety and efficient performance make up for the initial investment.

Whether it's for regular maintenance or a major overhaul of the vehicle, GLOBE IND components will help get the job done. Here at FinditParts, we have thousands of GLOBE IND parts, including the most popular electric motors at competitive prices. Browse our extensive catalog, and you'll almost certainly find the right part for your vehicle at a competitive price. All our GLOBE IND parts in stock are free of manufacturing defects and meet local and international standards.