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Based in Fort Smith, AK, Baldor specializes in electric motors and drives for industrial applications. It was founded in 1920 by Edwin Ballman and Emil Doerr, from which the company derived its name. It acquired the Dodge and Reliance Electric brands in 2007 and merged with Swiss-based manufacturing group ABB Ltd in 2011.

Under the Baldor brand, the company produces a wide variety of single-phase DC motor drives and industrial electric motors, including AC and DC motors and gearboxes. They also offer a selection of machine tools such as grinders, buffers, polishing lathes, and belt sanders. These Baldor parts are designed for general-purpose to heavy duty use and provide reliable performance in agricultural, mining, chemical, wastewater treatment, and other operating applications.

Baldor motors and drives are built to last, using only heavy gauge steel, cast iron and aluminum, and other high-grade materials to ensure optimum function in demanding operating environments. Products with specialized features like explosion protection, heavy moisture resistance, and food-grade components are also available to meet specific needs. All motors are also rated for high efficiency and are balanced to meet half of the NEMA allowable vibration levels. And to meet increasing customer demands, Baldor follows a patented FLEX FLOW manufacturing process that allows for fast production of stock and custom units with short lead times.

With Baldor, you can be sure of the quality and consistent performance, no matter the environment. We at FinditParts can help you find a Baldor electric motor and other components that match your light-duty, medium-duty, or heavy duty trucks or commercial vehicles.