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Thermal Solutions Manufacturing, Inc is quite a long name. That's why most people refer to this brand simply by the name TSM. TSM is an industry-leading manufacturer of heat exchange and diesel emissions products for use in the heavy-duty commercial trucking and industrial markets.

Thermal Solutions Manufacturing was founded back in 1915 under the name G&O Manufacturing. The company got its start manufacturing aftermarket cooling option for the Ford Model T, making TSM one of the oldest aftermarket manufacturers in the automotive industry still working today. As the years went on, TSM expanded its product catalogue exponentially, eventually breaking into the aircraft, machinery, and even the experimental automobile industries.

TSM still does much of what it did back in the 1910s, but with a much more modern approach. Instead of producing old-fashioned cooling systems for Model Ts, TSM now produces a wide range of aftermarket cooling systems for vehicles such as conventional 18-wheelers. With over 20 branches, 2 distribution centers, and 6 manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, TSM is one of the largest aftermarket manufacturers of heavy-duty aftermarket heat exchange and diesel emissions products in North America.

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