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Flex-a-lite® is Still Makin' It in the USA

In 1962, Eddy Davis founded our company with the original "flex fan" concept,developing the first flexible fan out of hand-cut fiberglass roofing material. The concept was to create a lightweight fan that would flatten out at high engine rpm, reducing the drag or load on the engine, while increasing horsepower.

Eddy's son-in-law, Rainer Willingham invented and patented the first electric fan for Flex-a-lite® in 1978 and led the company from 1991 through 2006. Fifty years later, Eddie Davis's granddaughter, Lisa Chissus leads the company with the same innovative spirit, inventing the now patented Flex-a-fit® radiator sidetank design. That's three generations of innovation at the helm of Flex-a-lite®.

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Today, Flex-a-lite® manufacturers a full line of belt-driven and electric fans, transmission and oil coolers, Flex-a-fit® aluminum radiators, Mojave auxilliary heaters and related components. Our 75,000 square foot facility includes manufacturing, marketing, engineering, vacuum forming, metal stamping and product testing lab. There's a lot of pride and care that goes into every Flex-a-lite® product.

It is our vision to continue developing performance cooling products that improve vehicle performance. We have more ideas for new products than there's time to develop. But before we make a product, we want to make sure we can offer a true performance cooling solution. We're an original, not a copy-cat. And after we engineer a new product, you can bet that we'll be makin' it in the USA.