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Do you need to increase the idle speed on your big rig to keep its lights from dimming? Is your commercial vehicle spending most of its time parked with the engine running? If you answer YES to these questions, Penntex products could be the solution you need. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, Penntex is one of the industry's leading manufacturers of high-efficiency alternators as well as mobile electronic devices.

Penntex is a brand under Elreg Distributors Ltd., the leading distributor of rotating electrical components for commercial, industrial, and fleet applications. The company primarily supplies products to Canada and the USA, but it has grown bigger, exporting its products to most regions across the globe. Elreg services many fleets in various industries, including industrial equipment industry, transit bus and high coach fleets, agriculture equipment industry, school bus and shuttle bus fleets, fire truck and ambulance fleets, and a whole lot more.  

The company was established in 1980 with the primary goal of servicing the small rebuilders of automotive alternators and starters in the Great Lakes Region. The first product it developed and supplied to its customers were ELectronic REGulators, from which the name EL-REG was derived. It was in the early 1990s when the company started to provide services to the customers in the heavy-duty industrial equipment industry as well as in coach/transit buses and larger on/off-road vehicles market.

Among Penntex's most popular products are the high-idler systems that offer fully automatic operation with manual capabilities. Penntex also takes pride in supplying high-efficiency alternators, which are easily identifiable because of their aluminum identification tag attached with rivets. Such tag contains the alternator's voltage, amperage rating, model, and the unique serial number. Penntex alternators are designed for demanding transportation applications such as transit buses, shuttles, coaches, limousines, police, fire, rescue vehicles, industrial service, and repair vehicles.

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