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When you hear the word Volvo, you might think that it's all about luxury vehicles. While it's true that Volvo is a Swedish company manufacturing luxury vehicles, such as sedans, sport utility vehicles, and station wagons, it actually refers to Volvo Cars and not AB Volvo. AB Volvo, the Volvo Group's shortened name, is a manufacturing company that's involved in the production, distribution, and sale of trucks, construction equipment, and buses. It was recognized as the world's second-largest heavy duty truck manufacturer in 2016. Volvo Cars used to be a part of AB Volvo, but it became a separate company when the Ford Motor Company acquired it in 1999. Both share the same Volvo logo, but they have different headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden.  

Like any other vehicle from other manufacturers, Volvo cars and trucks require maintenance and servicing, too, after some time. Neglecting this crucial task can lead to expensive repairs, unexpected breakdowns, and compromised driving safety. That is why replace worn or defective Volvo parts as soon as you notice signs of problems. High-quality Volvo-Replacement parts are widely available to help you with this. These parts are manufactured following strict OE standards, so they fit and work just like the original Volvo components. 

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