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About Williams Controls

A legacy brand under the Curtiss-Wright Industrial Division, William Controls is one of the leading suppliers of parts and sub-systems, providing customers with specific solutions for their on- and off-highway vehicles. Williams Controls Inc. was established in 1937 as a manufacturer of vacuum water valves used to keep the brake drums of logging trucks and trailers in proper operating temperature. It was founded in Portland, Oregon, by Norman C. Williams. In 1962, Williams Controls launched its first pneumatic throttle control system, eliminating the need for long, complex mechanical linkages.

To address the customers' needs for increased efficiency and reduced emissions, the company introduced the first electronically controlled diesel engines in the mid-'80s. By working closely with different engine and automotive manufacturers, Williams Controls' developed the first electronic throttle control in 1987. With this breakthrough, the company quickly rose to success and became globally recognized as a world leader in designing and manufacturing electronic throttle controls for trucks and buses while strengthening its position in off-highway markets.

Williams Controls had its presence felt in the international arena when it opened strategic sales and customer service centers in China, Germany, and India. On October 31, 2012, Williams Controls was acquired by Curtiss-Wright. This premier engineering company delivers well-engineered, critical-function components, systems, and services for flow and motion control and metal treatment applications in the energy, defense, and industrial markets.

Williams Controls Parts

Backed by the company's more than 75 years of experience in vehicle controls, the William Controls parts can craft innovative products that are always up for the challenge. The company's skilled design engineers are primarily focused on fundamental market products manufactured using modern CAD/CAM tools and state-of-the-art in-house facilities. These parts are then rigorously tested of mechanical and electrical parameters. Included in Williams Controls part portfolio are the following products:

Electronic Throttle Controls

Williams Controls designs and manufactures Electronic Control Systems (ETCs) for light, medium, and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. These parts are engineered with the highest level of quality and reliability, making them suitable for both on- and off-highway use. Williams' electronic throttle controls can be installed in buses, motor coaches, medium- and heavy-duty trucks, agricultural vehicles, construction equipment, material handling equipment, and other specialty vehicles. These ETCs are offered in three unique designs:

  • Electronic floor pedals

The floor-mounted foot pedals from William Controls are engineered for vehicles and equipment where the operator is seated or standing. It is advised that the pivot point is positioned under the operator's heel for electronic accelerator control. There are also several pedal choices—rocker pedal, heavy-duty, low-profile, drop-in, and many others—to meet your specific application requirements.

  • Electronic hand throttles

Williams Controls' selection of hand throttle controls includes electronic thumb throttles with switches. These thumb throttles are ideal for use in personal recreational vehicles and all-terrain vehicles.

  • Electronic suspended pedals

The electronic suspended foot pedals from this manufacturer are designed for throttle or accelerator control in applications where clean floor access is necessary.

All these Williams Controls parts come with advanced non-contact Hall-effect sensing technology. This feature ensures a rugged and dependable drive-by-wire signal for the vehicle's electronic fuel management system or battery-powered vehicles' motor controller. These ETCs also incorporate sensors that are compatible with major engine manufacturers and deliver a combination of factory-configured APS and IVS signals to match individual applications.

Hand Controls

When you are looking for ways to improve your vehicle safety, driving experience, and operator efficiency, the hand controls from Williams Controls offer value for your money. These hand controls, which are available in rotary and lever types, help you gain total control over your vehicle. They respond to the rotation or position of the knob or lever by providing an electrical signal, which enables the driver to brake, accelerate, reverse, and shift gears with ease. Speed or direction can also be set, so the driver can focus on other vehicle functions while driving. These hand controls are mainly designed for on and off-road commercial vehicles. They can also be used for static machinery, medical mobility, and material handling applications.

Joystick Controls

These Williams Controls parts are ideal for on- and off-highway commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural vehicles, material handling equipment, specialty vehicles, and industrial equipment, including robotics. These finger-operated joystick controllers offer smooth and accurate control of crucial functions in applications where a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is needed. They are offered in one, two, and three-axis configurations and a choice of ergonomic grip and handle designs for remarkable proportional control.

  • Thumb joysticks

Thumb joysticks ensure complete control for panel integration and portable devices. They are available in various thumb control options, so you can get one that best fits your application. They are ideal for wheelchair control, machine control, CCTV, or applications where single or multi-axis control is required.

  • Finger-controlled joysticks

When it comes to controlling precise movement and speed in sensitive applications like wheelchairs, robotics, and medical instruments, you can count on Williams Controls finger joysticks. With their compact size, rugged construction, and ergonomic design, these joystick controls are becoming more and more popular.

  • Hand-grip joysticks

These joysticks are equipped with control mechanisms and hall-effect sensors, making them useful for various applications. They are commonly used in mobile cranes, construction machinery, as well as robotic and farm machines. Durably engineered, these hand-grip joysticks are ideal for industrial applications.

The Williams Controls sturdy joystick controllers are also designed for more demanding installations, such as within the operator cabs of off-highway vehicles. With their high resistance to shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures, these jack controls guarantee smooth yet precise control of the critical functions in a working cab environment.

Industrial Sensors

The industrial sensors manufactured by Williams Controls deliver exceptional advantages in compactness, reliability, and stability. They incorporate inductive, potentiometric, and hall-effect technologies to ensure efficient performance. These sensors are protected by durable housings with mountings to provide users with flexible installation options. The best-in-class sensors from Williams Controls include:

  • Tilt sensors
  • Rotary sensors
  • Linear position sensors
  • Linear displacement transducers
  • Linear potentiometers

Legacy Products

These are Williams Controls parts that are now mainly distributed as replacement parts. These include:

  • adjustable control systems
  • air valves and switches
  • power converters
  • hydraulic controls
  • pneumatic controls
  • throttles
  • shifters
  • solenoids

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Controllers, Throttle Pedals and Remote Sensor Controls

The Williams Controls Activeair controllers are precision regulating valves that are designed as up to 5-unit banks. The Activeair System, with this controller and their actuator, is made for certain hydraulic valves. We also have their joystick controller and regulating controller. You’ll also find their signature pneumatic throttle pedals, air/electric throttles, electronic suspended pedal assemblies and remote sensor controls.

Factory Original Williams Controls Parts

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