Williams Controls specializes in electronic throttle controls for commercial vehicles and heavy duty trucks. We’re proud to offer a large selection of Williams Controls assemblies and parts for your rig, truck fleet or repair shop.

The History of Williams Controls

Since 1937, the company has had many innovations, starting with vacuum water valves that cooled brake drums on trucks and trailers in the logging industry. Through the years, their product line has expanded to air brake controls and other pneumatic equipment, such as pneumatic throttle control systems, which because the standard for buses, then expanding that to heavy off-road equipment. In the 1980s and 1990s, they designed electronic throttle controls for buses and trucks, becoming the market leader. In 2003, they added adjustable pedals systems for medium and heavy vehicles to their impressive catalog. In 2005, they introduced sensors for their throttle control systems.

Control Valves for Your Truck or Off-Road Industrial Vehicle

You’ll find a wide array of their control valves, including three way and four-way control valves, shuttle valves, adjustable safety valves and pressure modulation valves, which are available as column mounted or panel mounted. Other valve types are check valves, treadle, dual shuttle, pressure protection, three-way holding valves, parking brake controls and quick release valves. In relay valves, choose from high volume compensating relay valves, emergency valves, ratio and normally open or normally closed relay valves.

Controllers, Throttle Pedals and Remote Sensor Controls

The Williams Controls Activeair controllers are precision regulating valves that are designed as up to 5-unit banks. The Activeair System, with this controller and their actuator, is made for certain hydraulic valves. We also have their joystick controller and regulating controller. You’ll also find their signature pneumatic throttle pedals, air/electric throttles, electronic suspended pedal assemblies and remote sensor controls.

Factory Original Williams Controls Parts

At FinditParts, your heavy duty truck parts superstore, we have a huge selection of Williams Controls parts, components and assemblies. You’ll discover gauges and gauge assemblies, sensor kits, cartridge and pushrod assemblies, treadle parts, baseplates, nuts, rollers, mounting plates and springs. There are also snap and retainer rings, bushings, pressure regulators, cylinders, modulators, harness and remote assemblies, connector kits and a wide selection of repair kits.