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TECTRAN Air Brake Toggle Control Valve

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DV32021AJ DV32021AJ
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Air Brake Toggle Control Valve
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About Tectran

Air lines and cables are what keep modern commercial trucks and trailers running smoothly on the road. And if you want the best for your rig, choose only those from Tectran. For over 49 years, Tectran has been the undisputed authority in air, hydraulic, and electrical components for heavy duty commercial vehicles in North America. The company is best known for its proprietary 3-in-1 AirPower air assembly, which combines air and electrical lines into a single unit. This innovative compact design, coupled with high-quality materials and cutting-edge engineering, have made Tectran a respected brand in the trucking industry.

Today, Tectran offers a wide array of air, hydraulic, and electrical products, including hoses, tubing, connectors, fittings, and other related components and accessories. These parts are tailored mainly towards the heavy truck, trailer, and bus market, although the company has expanded its product line to accommodate the mobile equipment market. The company maintains manufacturing and distribution centers in Texas, New York, and Canada to effectively meet the demands of customers in the region.

Tectran Parts

Tectran takes pride in its highly specialized manufacturing equipment and processes, of which it attributes its success and dominance in the North American market. Its line of air and electrical coil assemblies, in particular, are recognized as having the best coil retention and sag resistance in the industry, thanks to proprietary manufacturing processes and equipment in Tectran’s New York and Texas operation centers. In addition, Tectran also designs and manufactures its products with the user’s safety in mind. With Tectran parts, you can rest assured that they will perform reliably for years if not decades.

Connection systems

Tectran’s lineup 4-in-1 and 3-in-1 assemblies and air hose assemblies remain its top sellers and among the best in the industry. These assemblies are loaded with features with individual components manufactured and assembled in the USA.

AirPower. Tectran invented the AirPower assembly with the goal of optimizing the performance of straight tractor and trailer connections. Available in 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 configurations, AirPower lines combine ABS and tailgate/tarp power cables with rubber air hoses into an organized and easy-to-use assembly. The hoses and cables are bundled with a tangle-free spiral wrap to keep them from snagging or tangling whenever the cab turns and shield them from scratches and cuts. They also have a reinforced tail profile and bend restrictors preventing tearing and kinking, especially during sharp turns. All AirPower assemblies also come with heavy-duty easy-to-install clamps.

Lifeline. Tectran’s Lifeline kit combines years of knowledge in designing air lines into a complete, ready-to-install tractor-trailer connection system. All kits have a standardized design that can be installed with a single wrench, minimizing downtime and driving up value in the process. All kits also feature “matched” lines and are pre-clamped to ensure a uniform length. And to protect against corrosion, the plugs are fitted with a special WeatherSeal sleeve that shields wire connections from moisture as well as minimizes strain. Kits are available with a slider bar or pogo stick, with an additional dual tender kit for 13.5-foot models and longer.

Hose assemblies. Tectran air hose assemblies provide a flexible air connection from frame to axle or between tractor to trailer. Highly resistant to extreme temperatures, they feature a uniform dual-braided design with interwoven spirals providing greater flexibility and twist resistance, while fully bonded walls allow for tighter bends and prevent kinking. The rugged elastomeric hose cover is also resistant to gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, common road and cleaning chemicals, ozone, and UV rays. All hoses also comply with DOT and FMVSS requirements.


Tectran offers an extensive lineup of aircoil products for every type of truck and trailer connections. So whether you need a longer lead, one that’s highly resistant to cold weather, or just a basic set for light duty use, Tectran has an aircoil solution that’s perfect for your needs.

ArmorCoil. Tectran ArmorCoil hoses feature a proprietary Armor Coating polyurethane cover that makes them highly resistant to cuts and abrasions. A unique manufacturing process also ensures the outer jacket maintains a permanent bond with the inner tubing and prevents the onset of sag and stretching. Each hose has also been tested and rated to withstand freezing temperatures as low as -85°F.

Industry-grade air coils. Available with or without handles, Tectran industry-grade air coils are made of pure virgin nylon that remains flexible even in temperatures as low as -45°F. The fittings are DOT-compliant and are made of high-quality brass for superior corrosion resistance with extra long heavy duty spring guards for added kink protection.

Power Cables

Whether it’s for a single truck or an entire fleet, Tectran designs and manufactures different types of tractor and trailer electrical connections for use in any environment. The 7-way electrical assemblies remain flexible even in brutal winter conditions as low as -85°F (-65°C) and are resistant to UV light degradation, fuel, hydraulic oil, and other common chemicals. All cables also have a thick outer jacket that’s highly abrasion resistant and capable of providing years of heavy service.

ABS coils. Tectran’s premium-quality ABS cable assemblies are designed for modern ABS-equipped trailers and more multiple trailer configurations. These cables are extremely flexible with high-strand copper conductors for reliable electrical connections even in harsh operating environments. Each cable is also fitted with die-cast Buffalo plugs that are pre-injected with grease for easier installation and increased corrosion resistance. All ABS coils also meet or exceed SAE J2222 and SAE J560 specifications.

Light-duty coil. Recommended for non-ABS light-duty applications, Tectran light-duty coil assemblies are nearly just as flexible and durable as their more rugged counterparts. Their copper conductors have machine-crimped brass terminals to ensure an electrical connection at all times, while the outer jacket has excellent recoil memory and is resistant to chemicals and UV rays.


Keep your air lines secure even in the toughest conditions with Tectran gladhands. Tectran is one of the industry’s most respected sources of gladhand connectors and is one of the pioneers of the 90° gladhand, which allow for horizontal connections and prevent lines from being snagged on the fender, stairs, deck, or other trailer accessories.

Today, Tectran offers anodized, aluminum, and cast iron gladhands to accommodate various customer requirements. Each gladhand comes with wide-lipped seals with a choice of either flexible rubber or more wear-resistant polyurethane. Selected models also come with a stainless steel fine mesh filter to screen out dirt, insects, and debris before they contaminate the air line.

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Whether you’re driving on a rural stretch of the highway or through crowded lanes at rush hour, you can feel secure that your truck will perform smoothly when you use Tectran products. Each Tectran hose, cable, and connector is designed, manufactured, and tested in compliance with the highest safety and performance standards in mind. So when you want the best, choose Tectran. Are you looking for great deals on Tectran parts and accessories? Here at FinditParts.com, we offer Tectran cable assemblies and other products at great prices. All the parts and accessories in our catalog are 100% new and authentic and comply with industry specifications. Simply enter the part name or reference number in our quick-lookup search bar and we’ll pull up the part for you in seconds. So check out our online store today and take advantage of our low shipping fees and other exclusive offers!