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Active Heavy Duty Cooling Products was established in 1953 and has been manufacturing since 1987. Active is the leading domestic manufacturer of heavy duty aftermarket radiators and charge air coolers. We analyze failed original equipment products, perform field analysis of the applications, and then design an improved replacement part that will provide much greater service life that the OEM part. Active has solved cooling problems for over the road trucks, logging trucks, feed lot trucks, lift trucks, loaders, power generation equipment, military equipment, and aerospace equipment. Active radiators and charge air coolers are designed and built in our own plants in the U.S. and we stand behind the products we manufacture. We use the highest grades of materials that we can buy and always build to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Active is aware that there are lower priced radiators and charge air coolers available. We know every plant in Mexico and Asia that builds these products and we have access to the same product as everyone else does. We choose not import our product. We do not have same level confidence in imported products as we do for our product made domestically.