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NAVISTAR Air Brake Inversion Valve

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3601951C1 3601951C1
air brake inversion valve (more info...) air brake inversion valve
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Air Brake Inversion Valve
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About Navistar

Navistar is driven by its belief that innovation shapes America’s future. This company builds top-caliber trucks and buses designed to be on the road for an extended period and stay there for longer business uptime. More than just being transportation icons, Navistar’s trucks, buses, defenses vehicles, and engines are workhorses that deliver the safest possible ride. Year after year, this company introduces new, innovative, and sustainable technologies and breakthroughs that improve the big rig’s uptime. It takes great pride in being the first engine manufacturer in North America to launch a smokeless diesel engine. By working with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reduce the sulfur content of diesel fuel, Navistar became the first truck and engine producer with EPA certification for meeting 2007 standards for hydrocarbons and particulate matter. As a leader in aerodynamics, Navistar continues to produce the most fuel-efficient heavy-duty vehicles on the road.

OE Quality - Designed to fit and work just like the original parts that came with your Navistar vehicle.

Durability - Built tough to reduce downtime and keep your truck on the road and working hard.

Extensive Selection - From basic repair and maintenance components to hard-to-find replacement parts, Navistar has got you covered.

Affordable Prices - Providing the highest quality products at the lowest prices possible.

Navistar Parts

Navistar manufactures not only the best big rigs and military vehicles out there. Since it cares most for the people who drive and maintain them, this company also supplies the industry with a wide range of top-quality Navistar parts and accessories. No one understands your Navistar vehicle than its manufacturer. The moment you experience problems with your Navistar engine, truck, bus, or vehicle, and you need replacement parts, the smartest choice would be OE Navistar parts.

Navistar Air Conditioning and Heating

The temperature in the bus or truck cabin can bring discomfort to the driver, making him distracted and uneasy while driving. This should be a big NO, especially for school bus drivers, as it may lead to unsafe situations that could put many lives at risk. The moment your air conditioning or heating system malfunctions, have it checked by a pro right away. When a replacement part is warranted, choose only Navistar’s selection of world-class air conditioning and heating components. Precision engineered by experts, these Navistar parts are compatible and are designed to work seamlessly with the rest of the ac system components.

Navistar Brakes and Wheel End Components

Trucks, buses, and specialty vehicles are certified workhorses. Buses haul people from point A to point B. Trucks transport cargo to different parts of the country to supply the population’s needs, while specialty vehicles serve essential purposes. This versatility should be matched with remarkable stopping power. Navistar provides the industry with brakes and wheel-end components you can rely on. It produces premium-quality brakes and brake parts to improve or restore the braking performance of the big rigs on the road without compromising day-to-day drivability. Navistar brakes and wheel-end components will enable you to stop better, and they contribute to making the roads a lot safer.

Navistar Drivetrain Solutions

Navistar offers everything you need to save your drivetrain from breakdown. This manufacturer knows that it is not a solitary component of any vehicle. It is composed of parts working with the engine to propel the wheels and get the vehicle moving. From replacement gaskets to shafts, transmission to differential solutions, Navistar parts will deliver powerful and consistent function.

Navistar Suspension and Steering Products

Get the most out of your big rig’s steering and suspension systems by keeping these systems in excellent shape or dealing with any issue at once. When you need replacement parts or components that will boost the functionality of these crucial systems, go for Navistar parts. The suspension and steering are critical for your driving comfort and safety. They make gear shifting smooth and easy and traveling over rough terrains as less bumpy as possible. Navistar’s range of suspension components includes shock absorbers, shackles, springs, height control valves and kits, and many others. This brand also offers tie rod ends, steering shafts, and power steering gears and parts for the steering. Should you need hangers, brackets, and other hardware for such systems, Navistar also has your back.

Navistar Engine Parts and Accessories

Navistar’s engine lineup for the global market includes diesel engines for light, medium, and heavy-duty applications. Assembled by highly skilled engineers and technicians, these engines deliver unwavering performance. And with its manufacturing scope, rich industry knowledge, and state-of-the-art facilities, Navistar also provides high-caliber engine parts and accessories that match the performance of its engines. Should you need fuel injectors, fuel or water pumps, engine oil accessories, fan clutches, and flywheel, Navistar has the best solutions for you.

Navistar Exterior and Body Parts

The components you need to restore your big rig’s exterior after a mishap or upgrade and make it look more powerful should also come from an industry leader—Navistar. From the commonly damaged components in the event of a head-on collision, like the bumpers and hood parts, to window components, Navistar has you covered. This company also values your visibility and driving safety by offering best-in-class windshield wiper and washer system components. Your rig should not only run great, but it should also look great. One way to achieve that is to outfit your ride with durable, easy-to-install Navistar exterior and body parts.

Navistar Filters

Your big rig’s filtration must be one that can tackle any condition Mother Nature may dish out. No other brand can make filters that can do the distance than Navistar. Fitted with a filter media that’s specially formulated for each specific application, Navistar filters will surely catch even the minutest of particles or contaminants, preventing them from wreaking havoc in the vehicle’s most important systems. No matter the type of filter you need, be it an air filter, a crankcase filter, a fuel filter, or an oil filter, Navistar has the answer.

Navistar Trailer Solutions

Keeping your trailer in top shape is a lot less costly than having to do a major repair. If you need components for your trailer’s maintenance, you won’t go wrong in choosing Navistar trailer solutions. This company offers durable fenders, hitches, couplers, and other components that will help keep your trailer ready for yet another hauling task. These solutions are rigorously tested to ensure outstanding functionality even under harsh operating conditions.

Shop Navistar Products at FinditParts.com

FinditParts takes the guesswork out of finding the premium-quality Navistar parts you need for your big rig, bus, or specialty vehicles. Here, choosing the product you need from the sea of heavy-duty truck parts and accessories is as easy as 1,2,3. All you need to do is use our quick product look-up feature and enter the part number, keyword, and cross-reference. Click search, and in just a few seconds, the exact-match components will be right before your eyes. Select the part you need and place your order. Besides shopping with ease, FinditParts also makes sure to offer all our top-of-the-line Navistar products at pocket-friendly prices. Our logistics partner will also have your order delivered right at your doorsteps without delay and just at a fraction of the cost. When it comes to school buses, delivery trucks, semi-trailers, ambulances, and defense vehicles, don’t settle for less. Get your needed Navistar disc pads and brake shoes, drums and rotors, lighting exterior components, and other replacement parts only here at FinditParts.