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Navistar is a company with a history as checkered as it is colorful. The brand has certainly seen its ups and downs since its founding in 1902, but it has gone one to become one of the most popular names in heavy-duty manufacturing.

The company has proven its reliability in both the commercial and military industries, producing vehicles for civilians and soldiers alike, and has come to be known as one of the preeminent producers of military vehicles.

That being said, Navistar is known primarily for its commercial vehicles and the high-quality pieces, parts, and hardware that it produces to repair, maintain, and augment just about any heavy-duty vehicle on the market. This parts range from brake systems to suspension and steering systems.

Perhaps most noteworthy is Navistar's commitment to unit versatility. When Navistar produces parts, it keeps in mind just about every way in which those parts can come to be used, rather than simply focusing on the factory settings like some other brands.

Navistar boasts a massive array of more than 1,000 dealer outlets in North and South America with others in 90 other countries across the world. That means that they serve just about half of the entire planet. Even still, the company's commitment to top-of-the-line customer service remains strong.

There are few companies like Navistar when it comes to versatility in design. That beings said, the best parts the company makes can easily be broken down into six different categories.

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