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HORTON Multi-Purpose Seal

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seal quad-kup 152.32 id 6.86 | seal quad-kup 152.32 id 6.86 | multi-purpose seal (more info...) seal quad-kup 152.32 id 6.86 | seal quad-kup 152.32 id 6.86 | multi-purpose seal
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Multi-Purpose Seal
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seal | multi-purpose seal (more info...) seal | multi-purpose seal
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Multi-Purpose Seal
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About Horton

Horton is a leading provider of innovative fan drives and fans for engines​. Its products allow these diesel engines to operate at the right temperature even when used in the harshest conditions. For over 65 years, this Minnesota-based company has been helping heavy duty vehicles and equipment to run quieter, operate longer, and consume less fuel no matter the conditions.

Founded in 1951, Horton started as an industrial clutch manufacturer, applying its clutch expertise to the cooling of on-highway and off-highway vehicles. A few years later, the company installed the first fan drives on fleet trucks to help owners save fuel, maximize available horsepower, and optimize the engine cooling function. This was a smart decision for Horton because, in the 1980s, Horton fan drives became standard on major truck OEMs, including Peterbilt Motors Company, Freightliner, Kenworth, and Navistar.

Today, Horton remains the leader in engine cooling technology offering a comprehensive line of fans, fan drives, and clutches for light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucks, RVs, buses, refuse vehicles, and more. Its headquarters is located in Roseville, Minnesota, and it has over 15 state-of-the-art facilities worldwide where all manufacturing and testing processes are done. The company operates in over 70 countries, and it has a global network of more than 900.

Horton Parts

Horton takes pride in its world-class engine cooling solutions with a record of proven performance and durability. Whether for on-highway or off-highway applications, Horton has got the right engine cooling products for you. All Horton parts are designed and manufactured using the latest software, simulation design tools, and guaranteed performance and reliability methods. These also go through rigorous testing processes to ensure only the best products come out of the assembly line.

Horton's product portfolio is categorized into two groups: on-highway and off-highway products. Horton's on-highway products are designed primarily for use in buses, RVs, refuse vehicles, and light to heavy duty trucks. On the other hand, off-highway products are for, as the name suggests, off-highway equipment, including mining trucks, agricultural tractors, excavators, aerial work platforms, articulated vehicles, industrial compressors, and generators. Although each product line is used for different applications, both are manufactured to achieve three crucial objectives: reduce noise, improve engine reliability even in harsh conditions, and optimize fuel efficiency.

No one is better at engineering engine cooling solutions than Horton. Check below to know more about its product offerings:

Engine Cooling Systems

Both on- and off-highway vehicles are equipped with engines necessary to their overall operation. Because of the crucial function these engines perform, they must be kept in optimal temperatures for two reasons. One, if burning gases in the cylinders exceeding the melting point of the block and cylinder materials are not removed, excessive heat would result in engine overheating and ultimately failure. And two, these engines will efficiently run if they are kept cool.

Horton’s fan drive and fan applications commonly use a liquid-based engine cooling system, which consists of a:

  • Radiator - A radiator, particularly a gilled tube radiator, is an essential engine cooling component because it is the chief way the engine vents heat during operation. When the vehicle pumps coolant through the engine, it receives the heat and carries it away from the engine block. The heat generated by the coolant is then moved to the radiator, which blows air across the liquid to cool it down.
  • Water pump - Considered the heart of the engine cooling system, the water pump works by extracting hot and inject cooler liquid via the radiator and through the engine block to prevent engine overheating. It is often located at the engine's front, and a belt drives it. When it fails, the engine coolant will not be appropriately circulated, leading to an engine overheating condition or poor heater output inside the vehicle.
  • Thermostat - This is a small device that sits between the engine and the radiator. It functions by allowing the engine to heat up quickly and keeping it at a constant temperature. The thermostat does this by regulating the amount of water that goes through the radiator.
  • Fan drive - Also known as fan clutch, the fan drive helps keep the engine within set operating temperature parameters. It is usually found at the front of the water pump, and it is driven by a belt and pulley, which is attached to the engine’s crankshaft.
  • Fans - These fans work by taking away excessive heat absorbed from the engine. They vary in terms of material, diameter, number of blades, hub type, and blade pitch.

Engine Cooling Fans

Horton is the largest manufacturer of engine cooling fans in the world. Horton fans are available in three options, such as:

Molded Fans - Made using nylon, this type of fan is used in both on- and off-highway applications. It features one-piece construction, and its design characteristics such as weight, strength, noise, deflection, and airflow can be tweaked to achieve optimum performance.

Modular Fans - Ideal for off-highway applications, including construction, specialty, and agriculture, these fans offer maximum efficiency and performance even under extreme conditions. A popular option for this type of fan, the Horton HTEC fan is made to provide superior strength and durability like steel as well as corrosion resistance.

Metal Cooling Fans - These are highly customizable fans and are available in different blade configurations in either aluminum or steel. They are ideal for off-highway use, including compressors, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, generators, refrigeration units, and mining equipment. Metal fans are highly durable and deflect less to achieve targeted air flows. And for superior corrosion protection, these can be coated.

Fan Drives

Horton fan drives, which are also called fan clutch, are engineered to meet the highest quality standards. These are available in three types, such as:

Automatic clutches

Also referred to as on/off fan clutch, the automatic clutch is considered to be the simplest and most affordable type of fan clutch. It is ideal for buses, Class 5 to 8 trucks, and various off-highway applications. Horton produces different automatic clutches, and some of the notable products included in this product lineup are the DM Advantage®, EC450 / EC600, HT / S Advantage, and HT650.

Two-speed clutches

This type of fan clutch is the best choice for applications in which the fan must run more than 10% of the time to cool the engine. This helps improve fuel efficiency, reduce noise, and provide more power for the vehicle in eddy current mode. This is usually used in commercial vehicles, concrete mixers with rear engines, dump trucks, and refuse vehicles.

Horton two-speed fan clutches, however, cost more than the on/off versions. But despite the high cost, they offer shorter warm-up times during the cold season and less likely to wear out prematurely due to fewer cycles. Popular models from Horton for this specific type of fan clutch are the DM Advantage® and Arctis.

Variable-speed clutches

This fan clutch-type features viscous, or fluid, technology and operates based on the engine’s cooling requirements to maintain its optimal operating temperature. It helps reduce fan abrasion from stones, dirt, and other debris since it runs fewer and shorter cycles and operates at lower speeds.

Horton’s line of variable speed clutches comes in various sizes and is available for use in on-highway and off-highway applications.

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Whether you're a long-haul trucker or a heavy-duty equipment operator, Horton has engine cooling solutions that you might find useful for your specific application. You can order your needed Horton products, including fan clutches, engine cooling fans, and Horton bushing kits, right here at FinditParts for more convenience and savings. Feel free to check out our catalog to find a wide selection of Horton parts today. If you need help finding the right Horton parts for your vehicle, you can always contact our customer service team for assistance. Call us today!