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Hadley is an industry-leading manufacturer of pieces, parts, and hardware for light-, medium-, and heavy-duty applications. In addition to trucks, Hadley's product catalogue covers busses, RVs, trailers, transit vehicles, and specialty / industry equipment.

Despite the company's widespread success in the land-based world of manufacturing, Hadley didn't start out producing parts for land vehicles. Instead, Hadley was founded way back in 1945 with the goal of producing higher-quality safety equipment for sailors and other sea-based professionals. After the development of the Hadley Horn kicked off production for the company, multiple partnerships with sea-based manufacturers and distributors helped the company rise to the fame and success that it knows today.

After only a few short years, Hadley broke into the automotive industry and several others. Nowadays, the company services primarily land-based vehicular applications with products ranging from the horns that made the company famous to newer, more modern SmartValve technologies.

SmartValve is currently the company's leading brand, with much of its production going into that line of products. However, the company produces much more than just one line of high-quality electronic height-control systems. The company also produces horns, horn kits, shields, and an assortment of other miscellaneous valves intended to boost your vehicle or equipment's performance.

We at FindItParts have curated nearly 100 of the best pieces, parts, and hardware that Hadley has to offer. Whether you're looking for something simply to reduce back strain while operating your equipment or a better valve to beat your OEM specifications, you just might find it in Hadley.

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HADLEY H00860A pedestal-horn w/liner HADLEY H00757S kit-mounting, horn HADLEY H15687 valve-lanyard dual horn HADLEY H00928B cover-horn HADLEY 334-750 ht cont valve HADLEY H00910CA 15.5” chrome zinc bully® horn air horn only HADLEY H01501UD height control valve kit with normally open dump valve HADLEY H00978 ambassador™ rectangular horn - steel 26" chrome plated HADLEY H00926 horn shields HADLEY H00910HP kit - duo horn, plastic HADLEY H11477S mounting elbow HADLEY H01501PUD hcv-repl.barksdale & haldex on kw & pete HADLEY H00929B 6.75″ round bell air horn shield HADLEY H00600P height control valve kit with mounting hardware, two levers and linkage HADLEY H09321AC 21″ etone air horn HADLEY H00900CA air horn kit HADLEY H00977 bell horn HADLEY H00871CP horn assy-24.5"x6" chrome HADLEY H00860B support kit, 1 short and 1 tall chrome HADLEY H13723S mounting pads HADLEY H00640R air horn HADLEY H01502UNC universal valve HADLEY H00978KP horn kit HADLEY H00450EG valve HADLEY HPB450-3 adjustable linkage kit,3-5/8"to 19-5/8" HADLEY H00755VE lanyard valve HADLEY H00600VFF valve kit HADLEY H01501VS valve HADLEY H00876CP horn assy-30"x7.25" chrom HADLEY H00977KP horn-air 29"/739 mm w/o logo HADLEY M025002A mirror - heated-manual w/signal HADLEY M025202A mirror set/heated 1 motorized 1 manual w/switches HADLEY H00550B horns 12 volt tank mount solenoid HADLEY 334-1580 500c ht cont valve HADLEY H00755NS valve HADLEY H00700R5 smart valve retro kit HADLEY H00878CP horn assy-37.5"x7.25" chr HADLEY H14212S air gauge HADLEY QA1354-1TMC mirror exterior HADLEY H00871A chrome horn w/ round bell kit HADLEY 18-02754 horn-air 26" w/ logo HADLEY H00450CU valveair horn HADLEY H00626 air tank HADLEY H00927VS shield HADLEY H00700R1 kit-ftlnr smart valve HADLEY H00860TSP pedestal-horn front tall spr HADLEY H15688 valve-lanyard quad horn HADLEY H00860SSP pedestal-horn front short HADLEY H00977PB cover-horn w/pb logo HADLEY H00860ESP pedestal-horn front chr HADLEY 926 shield HADLEY H02001SR shield kit HADLEY M025008TS mirror head HADLEY H13940S pressure switch HADLEY H00500CW height control valve & bracket kit HADLEY NF2012 mirror asm lh HADLEY H00500CV kit HADLEY H00150H gasketair horn HADLEY A2300TMC mirror-exterior c/s kit HADLEY M025084S chrome shell replacement HADLEY H03200A convex mirror - 8in rnd cntr mount w/indicator HADLEY 334-1581 hdly 500ca hcv w/auto dmp HADLEY H15692S grommet HADLEY 978AD air horn HADLEY H00860PP kit-support, 23 round shi HADLEY H15686 valve-lanyard single horn HADLEY A7024 mirror - exterior HADLEY 910GK air horn HADLEY H00910GK air horn HADLEY H02001SRF aluminum. shield rpair HADLEY H15363 rear base gasket HADLEY H03220A convex mirror-8in rnd offset lh w/indicator HADLEY H00600VBA bracket HADLEY H00850EC 12v compressor HADLEY H00450BS valveair horn HADLEY H00700AG400L lower linkage mounting kit HADLEY A3301-1P housing 8x8 painted ss HADLEY H00860GP kit-gasket horn body HADLEY H01500VN valve kit HADLEY A2054TMC mirror asm HADLEY H01501MS valve kit HADLEY H00550A solenoid HADLEY H00978AM horn HADLEY HPB600-3 parts bag HADLEY H00977AD air horn HADLEY H01501VN valve HADLEY H00150A controlair horn HADLEY HPB977-23 horn pedestal bracket kit HADLEY H00962EA other parts HADLEY H00978GM horn HADLEY M025376FS four way mirror service motor HADLEY 334-751 hdly hpb450-3 linkage