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Gunite is the oldest product brand in the warehouses of the Accuride Corporation. Today, these products cover a wide range of services mostly focused on brakes and wheel end solutions. After all, that is the specialty of the brand's umbrella company: Accuride.

Part of the reason why Gunite sticks around today is the fact that the Accuride Corporation was originally founded under the name of the Gunite Corporation way back in 1854. Back then, the company was a simple parts manufacturer and foundry, producing metal — mostly iron and steel — products for the burgeoning transportation and infrastructure industries in the United States and elsewhere.

Today, the brand persists as a subsidiary of the Accuride company. Just like Accuride, Gunite focuses on the production of brake and wheel end technology and tends to cover primarily high-grade iron and other high-quality metal applications. That includes pieces, parts, and hardware like slack adjusters, exciter rings, and more.

Gunite is one of the four primary brands under which the Accuride Corporation markets its products. The other three brands are Accuride, Accuride Wheel End Solutions, and KIC. Each of these three brands is similar in that they focus production on brakes and wheel ends, but they all differ in exactly which products are covered and what those products do.

We at FindItParts have secured a collection of countless different Gunite products, each heavily tested for performance and durability. These products have been organized into three key categories to better help you find the heavy-duty truck parts that are right for you: air system devices, brakes, and brakes and wheel ends.