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The Gunite brand product line includes 100% made in the USA brake drums, disc wheel hubs, spoke wheels and rotors, as well as slack adjusters, for the heavy- and medium-duty trucking, off-highway and bus markets and their related aftermarkets. The Gunite product search includes numerical, interchange/cross-reference, dimensional, application, and conversion features to make it easy to find the exact Gunite wheel end product you need.

Gunite Part Number: HF770K
Aftermarket Status: Active
Captive Part Number To:  
O.E. Service Replacement:  
Aftermarket Replacement:  
Disc Wheel Hub Specifications:
Finished Weight: 31
Disc Wheel Hub Capacity (lbs): 7300
Mount Type: Outboard
Brake Component Description: Brake Drum
Axle Group 1: F10
Axle Group 2: F19
Outer Bearing Cup: 3720
Outer Bearing Cone: 3782
Inner Bearing Cup: HM212011
Inner Bearing Cone: HM212049
Bearing Cup Spacing: 3.38
A - Drive Stud/Hub Cap Bolt Circle: 4.5
B - Drive Stud/Hub Cap Hole Pattern: (6) .31-18
C - Number of Wheel Bolts/Studs: 10
Wheel Bolt/Stud Size: 22mm
Disc Wheel Offset with Brake Drum: 5.94
D - Drum/Rotor Mount Offset: 5.44
E - Drum/Rotor Pilot Diameter: 8.78
F - Disc Wheel Bolt Circle: 11.25
G - Seal Bore Diameter: 4.83
H - Overall Length: 6.24
Brake Drum Applications:
Part No.
3574B - 15.00x4.003574BX - 15.00x4.003726 - 15.00x4.003726X - 15.00x4.003753 - 15.00x5.003753X - 15.00x6.003758 - 16.50x5.003758X - 16.50x5.003774 - 15.00x5.003774X - 15.00x5.003800 -3800X - 15.00x4.00 View
Disc Brake Rotor Applications:
Part No.
Service Hardware:
Disc Wheel/Bolt Stud Part No:
W1324 - Hub Pilot, Steer, SteelW1164 - Hub Pilot, Steer, AluminumW1327 - Hub Pilot, Steer, DuplexW1245 - Hub Pilot, Steer, MW, SteelW1246 - Hub Pilot, Steer, MW, AluminumW1164 - Hub Pilot, Steer, MW, Duplex View
Inner Cap Nut Part No:  
Grease Slinger Part No:  
Outer Cap Part No:  
Hub Cap Part No:  
Flanged Nut Part No: W1338
Hub Cap Gasket Part No:  
Rotor Screw/Bolt Part No:  
Hub Cap Bolt Part No: WP5
Drum/Rotor Washer Part No:  
Hub Cap Lockwasher Part No: WP593-05
Drum/Rotor Locknut Part No:  
Drive Stud Part No:  
Back Nut Washer Part No:  
Drive Nut Part No:  
Back Nut Part No:  
Drive Lockwasher Part No:  
Exciter (Tone) Ring Part No's:
W1374W1601 View
Special Information: ABS version of HF769K (1). Hub supplied LESS Exciter Ring. Use W1601 Tone Ring for low profile tires.
Dimensions in parentheses () indicate measurement is inboard of inner cup seat.

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Heavy-duty truck and trailer manufacturers rely on Gunite® for high-quality brake drums, brake rotors, slack adjusters, hubs, and hub assemblies. A brand under Accuride Corporation, an industry leader in the manufacturing of wheels and wheel-end components for the global commercial vehicle markets, Gunite delivers world-class quality by designing and manufacturing its products in its own factory located in Rockford, Illinois. Gunite’s aluminum brake drums and other products go through rigorous vehicle field testing at fleets to ensure reliable performance even under extreme road conditions. They are proven, year after year, as the industry standard in providing maximum performance, long-term reliability, and reduced maintenance costs.

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