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About Fuller

Depending on your truck or heavy equipment's type and age, transmission repairs and restoration can be taxing and costly. Fortunately, there are high-caliber replacement parts and assemblies that you can use to help your transmission work smoothly and deliver peak performance. One of the world-renowned names when it comes to transmission solutions is Fuller.

Fuller is Eaton's brand of legendary transmissions. It provides the US aftermarket and OE manufacturers around the globe with tailor-made solutions that improve the vehicle's overall efficiency, safety, drivability, and reliability.

Fuller Manufacturing was acquired by Eaton Corporation in 1958. Since then, this brand has been operating to uphold One Eaton's goal: "To provide unique solutions across a wide range of markets that keep businesses on the leading edge of change." It also aims to improve the quality of life of its customers and those who experience using its industry-leading products and services.

Fuller Parts

Engineered by experts, the Fuller parts are guaranteed to perform according to exacting original equipment standards. They are designed using Eaton's power management technologies and the latest manufacturing techniques to create products that carry the quality and dependability the Eaton Fuller name is known for. The company also offers kits that simplify and streamline vehicle and equipment servicing, restoration, rebuilding, and maintenance for maximum throughput.


What makes the Fuller transmissions legendary are their solid dependability and cutting-edge features and technology. They are well-engineered solutions that improve the vehicle's drivability and efficiency. Fuller's automated transmissions ensure computer-controlled shifting, which improves driving safety by making it easier for drivers to keep their eyes and attention on the road and both hands on the steering wheel.

UltraShift PLUS

Assembled on the industry's highly regarded transmission platform, the UltraShift® PLUS transmissions come smarter, tougher, and more efficient than other automated or automatic transmissions. They were introduced in 2009 to meet the rising trend of automation and address the need for balanced performance and fuel economy, and precise, guess-proof shifting. Available in six models for vocational and linehaul use and in a range of speeds and capabilities, the UltraShift PLUS automated transmissions can be the exact solution you need for your fleet's unique and exacting requirements.

RT-13 and RT-18

Crafted by the proven global leader in automated transmissions, these best-in-class 13- and 18-speed transmissions allow drivers to enjoy versatility and low-shift effort. The Eaton RT-13 and RT-18 boast groundbreaking, proprietary designs with a simple mainshaft that is not splined to the auxiliary gear. Such designs eliminate the added inertia, mass, and drag of the whole auxiliary unit. During upshifts, the low-inertia mainshaft is quickly set to synchronous for faster, smoother shifts.

Versatile 15 Speed

Designed for high-performance applications, this type of transmission features ten road speeds, along with five deep reduction gears to provide on- and off-highway versatility. It also boasts time-tested helical gearing for quieter operation, improved gear strength, and extended service life. The high-capacity tapered roller bearings on its auxiliary countershafts guarantee longer bearing lifespan. With its new mainshaft washer design, this 15-speed transmission ensures excellent driver abuse resistance and hassle-free servicing.

Remanufactured transmissions

Expertly remanufactured using Eaton's advanced procedures and technology, Fuller's standard remanufactured transmission delivers the same quality as a brand-new Eaton unit. Eaton Fuller's remanufacturing process involves meticulous dyno testing to ensure the best possible performance. These transmissions are provided with 100% genuine Eaton components and are rebuilt with the most advanced engineering updates.

Transmission Parts and Kits

Eaton Fuller carries the most comprehensive parts lineup to make transmission overhaul and service possible. The Fuller transmission parts are engineered by experts to cater to rebuilders from every angle. This brand covers subassemblies, stocked parts, overhaul and installation kits, and remanufactured transmission components.


When you need to rebuild your transmission, improve its efficiency, or restore it to its proper working condition, Fuller subassemblies are available to make these tasks an easy feat. These assemblies help fleet managers and repair shops save on labor costs and tooling expenses and make technicians more confident and capable in pulling off even the most demanding jobs. Among the available assemblies composed of Fuller parts are shift bar housing, rear case, main shaft, and countershaft assemblies.

Rebuild and overhaul kits

These Fuller kits come in three categories—basic rebuild kits, basic overhaul kits, and master rebuild kits. These kits help eliminate cross-reference mistakes because they already contain the right parts you need for the job. Fuller's basic rebuild kits include bearings, springs, O-rings, gasket kit, snap rings, shim kit, and oil seal kit, while the basic overhaul kits contain sliding clutch, input shaft, and all basic rebuild parts.

Moreover, the Fuller master overhaul kits guarantee the following inclusions:

  • all basic overhaul parts
  • clutch brake
  • breather
  • hose assemblies
  • shift fork
  • miscellaneous washers
  • front bearing cover
  • synchronizer assembly
  • drive/overdrive gears
  • air/filter regulator
  • splitter and range valve (where applicable)

Clutch installation kits

Whether you are replacing the clutch or clutch-related wear components, the Fuller clutch installation kits come in handy. These kits contain all the necessary parts, hardware, and instructions to ensure smoother shifts, longer clutch life, and less wear on the transmission.

Clutches and Clutch Components

Eaton Fuller clutches are crafted for longevity. They are backed by Roadranger®, the country's largest network of drivetrain support. With such a unique combination of product durability and support, Fuller provides its aftermarket customers with peace of mind knowing that the clutch and clutch parts they get are highly efficient, reliable, and require less maintenance for maximum uptime and performance.

Advantage Series

The Advantage Series is a line of Eaton Fuller's best-selling clutches in North America. They are manufactured using industry-leading technology to meet the demands of OEM first-fit applications. Showcasing a unique patented design with a specially tuned, dual-damper system, the Advantage clutches take in engine vibrations and minimizes idle rattle. They are also fitted with soft rate springs that protect important driveline components. With their two wear indicators, Advantage Series clutches ensure improved serviceability while offering best-in-class 50,000-mile lubrication intervals.

EverTough Series

Featuring industry-standard technology and a 3-zerk release bearing, the Fuller EverTough clutches guarantee simple maintenance. The clutches from this series are available in manual-adjust and self-adjust configurations. Utilizing the company's patented self-adjusting technology, the self-adjusting clutches constantly adjust and uphold the correct bearing release position. The EverTough manual- adjust clutches, on the other hand, are fitted with proven Kwik-Adjust technology to make clutch adjustments fast and simple.

Featured Products (view all)

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sliding clutch splitter aut FULLER K1846 ® - 11607 14607 gasket kit FULLER X7-1007 \screw FULLER K4145 clutch installation kit (ultrashift plus) FULLER K3980 kit-lever, shift, electro FULLER 19208 gear, m/s FULLER 4302243 washer FULLER K4118 kt hrns,kit trans FULLER K1931 ® - rt610/6610 gasket set FULLER K4148 sensor,speed sens FULLER S2842 shift bar hsg FULLER 4303583 ® - gasket split cylinder FULLER K3648 inertia brake kit FULLER K3898 kit-heat exchanger FULLER K3682 range/splitter valve kit FULLER 4300119 ® - fs5005 rear seal FULLER S2129 assy-tower shift FULLER K1956 kit-cooler installation FULLER K3438 kit-position sensor FULLER K3492 kit-synchronizer FULLER K3331 ® - splitter valve replace FULLER 4302809 cover-pto oil return FULLER K7028 ® - fs6306 gasket kit FULLER A5000 genuine eaton slave valve FULLER K3333 ® - splitter valve replace kit FULLER 4300121 ® - fs5005 front retainer seal FULLER K3984 kit-harness, transmission FULLER S3154 shift bar housing FULLER K3762 clutch install FULLER 4306513 shift lever FULLER A7318 ® - range valve FULLER 5586660 exchanger-heat FULLER K3359 heat exchanger FULLER K4248 kit heat FULLER 3315703 bearing-needle FULLER K-2262 output seal & slinger kit various applications FULLER 16980 snap ring for input shaft for transmission FULLER 19305 gear, aux drive FULLER K4124 clutchkt,kit, clu FULLER K3681 harness FULLER 4303149 stub shift levr FULLER S2822 2” pull input shaft - w/ bushing FULLER K4310 eca gen 1 FULLER 4301564 stub shift levr FULLER 4303976 lever-shift w/ isolator FULLER K-3340NSM eaton transmission basic rebuild kit FULLER 4300035 ® - reduction gear FULLER K3199 ® - driver gear display module FULLER 4301002 shift lever FULLER K4273 bearing filter service kit *d FULLER K3215 ® - shipping cover shift tower FULLER S1579 shift lever asy FULLER K4175 ® - housing kit standard fro update FULLER 22384 ® - shift stub lever high FULLER 4301625 input shaft FULLER 5588101 hose-oil cooling FULLER 14554 stud (5/8 x 2 3/16) FULLER 16241 sliding clutch FULLER 235390 ® - countershaft 4th gear 33t a/b FULLER 4301958 ® - gasket FULLER 5505546 univ joint yoke FULLER 62511 pin-spring kwp FULLER A5273 shaft and lever FULLER K2256 output seal kit, various applications FULLER K4264 kit-install clutch 1.75" FULLER 5586115 medallian FULLER K2804 kit-o ring FULLER K3239 rear hsg kit FULLER K-3233NSM basic rebuild FULLER 15918 cover spring - orange for transmission FULLER 19911 washer ctshft frt FULLER 21342 ® - spacer FULLER 3315673 washer FULLER 5586107 progph,product gr FULLER 17399 ® - snap ring FULLER 22941 ® - neutral switch normal closed FULLER 4305715 lube tube FULLER 4000384 shift lever FULLER 4308226 gasket-cl housing FULLER 4306624 aux mainshaft FULLER 21025 gear-countershaft FULLER 4300182 ® - yoke bar FULLER A6434 ® - rtoxx210b auxiliary countershaft FULLER K2444 ® - rt610/6610 synchronizer FULLER K2780 ® - rt9513 basic rebuild kit FULLER S2523 leveller,lever FULLER X8-725 \screw FULLER 4000412 lever shift iso FULLER 14335 gasket auxiliary to main case for transmission FULLER 3315698 ® - mainshaft sleeve FULLER 3315717 ring snap FULLER 83002 ® - collet 5/32\" line FULLER A8030 retainer assy FULLER S3138 rr brg covr asy FULLER 3315722 bearing-needle FULLER 4301628 ® - fs4205 input shaft FULLER 4301937 stub shift levr FULLER 4305051 ® - od mainshaft gear FULLER 15403 ® - shift yoke FULLER 4302166 yoke FULLER 5586032 control-cruise FULLER A6915 ® - 7ll/8ll/9mll shift knob selector valve FULLER S1659B FBU input shaft kit 2 inch pull for rt/rtlo transmissions1 - 16566 bushing1 - 23566 input shaft FULLER 14494 ® - short clutch shaft push FULLER 202484 ® - shift lever boot FULLER 4124075 bearing needle as FULLER 4302413 gear-mainshaft FULLER 4302494 ® - rev fork FULLER 5586110 shift medallion FULLER A6436 ® - fro auxiliary countershaft assembly FULLER 3315765 ® - spring FULLER 4304602 breather FULLER 4305294 ® - gasket FULLER K3150 idler shaft kit FULLER K3916 ® - shift bar replacement kit fro FULLER 22898 spacer FULLER 3315702 ® - spacer FULLER 55526 air hose assy FULLER 5564501 tool FULLER 5556503BOX eaton transmission output bearing FULLER 21427 clamp hose FULLER 4301603 ® - countershaft rear bearing cover FULLER 4305128 shipping lube FULLER 5586113 medallion FULLER K3705 ® - case plug kit Browse more...

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