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The Fuller logo is both commonplace and exceedingly rare. That's because it's been used twice by two different companies over its colored history. Of course, the brand's varied past hasn't prevented it from becoming one of the go-to brands for transmission pieces, parts, and hardware for thousands of truckers the world over.

Fuller first came to be in the mid-1900s under the name Fuller Manufacturing. In 1958, the world-renowned Eaton Corporation bought Fuller Manufacturing and incorporated it into their company. Since then, the company has been manufacturing a wide variety of transmissions and transmission accessories.

Today, Fuller is one of the best-known brands in the world when it comes to manual transmissions. These models are known for their dependability and resilience. That's why Eaton uses them as the foundation for the company's Ultra-Shift automated transmissions, one of the Eaton Corporation's pride and joys. These transmissions tend to be most popular with drivers who prefer a seamless transmission drive or one that doesn't need to be given much attention while on the road.

Fuller's transmissions and associated pieces, parts, and hardware come in a decent variety of shapes and sizes. The brand also produces six different types of transmissions designed for various applications, including linehaul and vocational use. That's why we carry hundreds of Fuller items across seven different categories; including brakes, suspension and steering, and quite a bit in between.