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About Fleetguard

Fleetguard provides best-in-class filtration products for all applications. This brand is known to customers for designing and constructing customized solutions that adhere to the company's filtration and engine issues. With its diverse production capabilities, plus its unwavering commitment throughout the years, Fleetguard has positioned itself as the most trusted and preferred provider of parts by most engine manufacturers in the country.

In 1987, Fleetguard Filters Private Limited (FFPL) was incorporated in technical collaboration with Cummins Filtration U.S.A. Since this brand opened its door to business more than three decades ago, it has set the filtration standards high by delivering world-class filters for on and off-highway use. The brand's team of engineers and industry experts uses time-tested manufacturing practices to ensure the ultimate solutions to all engine problems.

Fleetguard values its legacy of trust, dependability, and reliability that it has established through the years of sticking to the best practices and unrelenting quest for high quality. With Cummins Filtration's international success, the Fleetguard brand also becomes globally recognized and is now the first choice of major fleet operators across the South Pacific region. This worldwide success is attributed to the company's passion for delivering unparalleled customer service and outshining the competition in every business facet, from providing superior filtration performance to more efficient production and delivery methods.

Fleetguard Parts

Fleetguard parts deliver the ultimate protection to extend the service life of your engine. They are crafted and tested in the company's state-of-the-art facilities and using best-in-class technology to ensure efficient and reliable filtration and meet strict OEM specifications. Fleetguard's full product spectrum covers a wide range of markets and applications, such as vans and 4WDs, trucks, and industrial equipment for marine, agriculture, mining, and construction applications. Fleetguard's product lines include:

Air Filters

True to its mission "to have products or technology ahead of demand and fit for the market," Fleetguard employs experts that engineer air filtration solutions to ensure clean air for a highly efficient engine operation. This brand understands the troubles caused by the contaminated air that gets into the engine. This is why it develops air filters that meet the performance and quality standards needed by any engine or machine. Fleetguard air filters boast top-caliber filtering media that trap even the smallest air particles.

Fleetguard filtration products help ensure remarkable engine efficiency and maximum fuel economy by delivering outstanding filtration and optimum airflow. It also carries a range of air intake system assemblies composed of hoses, pre-cleaner, clamps, air cleaner assembly, clean side piping, and rain hood. Using Fleetguard air filtration systems extends the service intervals of the engine and helps keep your rig or equipment operating continuously for optimum profitability.

Fuel Filters

Besides air particulates, the engine should be protected against fuel contaminants, too, as they could seep into every nook and cranny of the engine and cause damage. Even today's cleaner-burning fuels aren't totally contaminant-free, and feeble filtration can allow contaminants to escape and cause deposits, unnecessary wear on injector components, over-fueling, premature nozzle wear, decreased performance, and high fuel consumption.

  • Spin-on filters: Fleetguard makes sure that its fuel filters serve as the engine's best line of defense against fuel impurities. They are fitted with patented StrataPore or NanoNet filtering media to get rid of harmful contaminants. Every layer has unique properties and is tailored to do specific tasks. Fleetguard fuel filters guarantee maximum fuel system protection even for exacting OEM specifications.

  • Fuel processors: These Fleetguard parts ensure unparalleled fuel/water separation capability. Equipped with StrataPore or NanoNet media, these processors minimize fuel contamination and improve service intervals. Some processors come with Water-in-Fuel sensors to keep tabs on the collected water level. There are also fuel processors that contain fuel heaters to maintain proper operating temperature.

Lube Filters

An efficient lubrication system translates to longer engine life, improved vehicle or truck uptime, and increased profitability. Present-day engines need to meet higher emission standards, which is why synthetic oils are developed and are now widely used. With efficient filtration, the tiniest particles in the engine oil are caught and separated from the fuel, requiring less-frequent oil changes.

Modern low-emissions engines, however, have rigorous specifications that Fleetguard lube filtration systems are designed to meet. The high-quality lube filters from Fleetguard, along with the brand's oil level sensors, controls, and reservoirs, come with rugged construction to meet the demands of various applications and get rid of your oil system maintenance woes.

Hydraulic Filters

Fleetguard's hydraulic filtration solutions are engineered to exceed expectations every time. This part category includes replacement cartridges, filter heads, filter housing, upgrade or replacement filter elements, and spin-on head and assemblies to meet the demands of low, medium, and high-pressure hydraulic systems.

With a wide array of cellulose media, this brand's hydraulic filtration solutions meet many applications' stringent and exclusive demands. They are crafted and tested to meet or even exceed OEM quality and performance specifications for the respective fluid requirement or application. The Fleetguard hydraulic filters are fitted with media that are compatible with modern hydraulic fluids. They are also proven to perform in the harshest operating environments.

Coolants and Chemicals

Since they play crucial roles in maintaining a healthy engine, coolants and chemicals are added to Fleetguard's part portfolio. These fluids are developed to help you maintain your engine's health. Fleetguard coolants are formulated to prevent corrosion, oxidation, scaling, pitting, and plugging in the cooling system to improve the uptime of your equipment. These coolants are made to work well with Fleetguard water filters, radiator cleaners, and coolant additives. Fleetguard cleaners are produced to eliminate contaminants to help keep the cooling system in excellent working condition. The said cleaners do this task without damaging gaskets, hoses, metal surfaces, or plastic components.

Crankcase Ventilation Solutions

No matter how robust your engine is, it will be futile if your rig is not compliant with the emissions regulations. This is why Fleetguard designs and manufactures a line of crankcase ventilation (CV) solutions that match your emissions-certified engine. The best thing about these Fleetguard parts is they do not compromise the engine's performance or the environment by stopping oil mist and drips. Fleetguard's CV product range assures the best blow-by oil-mist separation efficiency in the industry without costing much. Whether you need Open Crankcase Ventilation or Closed Crankcase Ventilation (CCV) solutions, Fleetguard got you covered.

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