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STECK Best Sellers

Stick Manufacturing — typically called Steck, for short — is a manufacturing company specializing in the production of tools and equipment for the automotive industry. Of course, tools can often be used for a virtually endless number of industries, ranging from marine to agriculture to mining and so on. The same goes for tools from Steck Manufacturing.

The history of Steck Manufacturing goes back to 1946. Just like many other long-lasting manufacturing companies that now serve the heavy-duty trucking industry, Steck started out as a simple body shop named Steck's Paint & Body Shop. The company's founder, George Steck, soon developed a fastener used to install rear fenders, which prompted the company's rapid transition into a manufacturing firm. As the years went on, the list of products in the company's catalog and the company's manufacturing capabilities increased exponentially.

Today, Steck has a reputation for producing and manufacturing countless new designs, re-designs, and innovations of any and all kinds related to the transportation and shipping industries. Part of the reason why Steck has been able to secure and maintain that reputation is the company's open offer for technicians — whether part of the company or not — to bring forth new ideas to market.

Steck offers royalties to all technicians who provide new or novel ideas that Steck decides are valuable enough to be manufactured. This has resulted in the company's ever-expanding sense of innovation and the diversification of invention, two qualities that are readily apparent from the list of products that we at FindItParts have selected.