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Necessary Lubricants that Keep Your Truck in Peak Condition

Necessary Lubricants that Keep Your Truck in Peak Condition

For economic fleet operation, trucks and commercial vehicles that deliver dependable and cost-efficient performance are a basic imperative. One important factor that greatly impacts a fleet's operating costs is the fluid or lubricant used to keep vital systems and truck parts running smoothly. Among the essential fluids you should properly choose to ensure efficient truck and vehicle performance are:  

Engine Oil

To avoid downtime and keep your commercial vehicle running smoothly, the most important maintenance task you shouldn't neglect is regular engine oil replacement. Such fluid performs these four main roles to keep your engine working well for years to come:

  • Lubrication

The motor oil's main task is to lubricate the parts of your engine that produce friction due to constant movement. This oil penetrates every nook and cranny of these moving parts to reduce friction that quickly wears down engine components and renders the entire assembly useless.

  • Cleaning

The motor oil has the power to get rid of the microscopic deposits that get stuck in the engine. This residue, if not removed, may clog the engine and affect its performance. The engine oil continuously washes these impurities off and takes them to the oil filter, where they are trapped.

  • Cooling

During combustion, the engine loses energy, and the friction produced between mechanical parts causes a rise in the engine temperature. As motor oil lubricates the engine's moving parts, the heat is also released via the lubrication circuit. It aids in engine cooling, especially in the areas that aren't reached by the coolant.

  • Sealing

Motor oil also enhances the sealing of engine pistons and cylinders. This oil adds a protective layer between the various engine parts to seal any clearances that may appear.

  • Corrosion protection

The process of combustion produces corrosive acid that may damage the engine's metal components. This is the reason modern engine oils are now mixed with additives. These additives slow down corrosion and prevent corrosive elements from causing damage to the engine.

Over time, engine oil may oxidize and will fail to perform its corrosion inhibiting role. It can also get dirty and less efficient in doing its other tasks. When it's been over a year since your last oil change, it's now time to have it changed with the best product available in the market to keep your engine in good working condition. You should also make sure to replace the motor oil regularly.

Gear Lube

The metal-on-metal contacts that take place in your truck's gear systems generate heat and cause wear and tear. The gear oil acts as a lubricant that protects these moving components from wear by minimizing friction and driving heat away from them. This fluid ensures the smooth operation of manual gearboxes, transmissions, transaxles, differentials, and transfer cases. Insufficient lubrication of these parts often results in the corrosion, scuffing, scouring, and pitting of drivetrain components, compromising the truck's performance.

Gear lube is a higher viscosity oil specially formulated for gears, so it must not be used interchangeably with motor oil. This lube fares well under extreme heat conditions in various systems. Periodically changing the gear lube is essential in extending the service life of your commercial vehicle and heavy machinery, helping you avoid downtime and costly repairs.

Antifreeze Coolant

The coolant plays a crucial role in maintaining your truck engine's performance by preventing it from freezing and ensuring heat balance by eliminating heat. This fluid performs these tasks while protecting its components against corrosion. Depending on the type of your vehicle, your engine may require a coolant with specialized additives. Some trucks need a coolant particularly formulated for specific manufacturers or a coolant made specifically for high-mileage vehicles.

Hydraulic Oil 

Hydraulic oil is considered the life of your hydraulic system. It is a non-compressible fluid consisting of oils and additives that are formulated to efficiently transmit power while working as a coolant and lubricant at the same time. Effective in a wide range of temperatures, this oil decreases wear and prevents rust and corrosion. The hydraulic oil transmits power within the hydraulic system of machinery and equipment and performs many other functions, including power delivery, part lubrication, heat dissipation, and contaminant elimination.

The hydraulic oil capably performs such functions, thanks to the specific additives, which boost the fluid's ability to withstand pressure and temperature extremes and other harsh operating conditions the hydraulic system is subjected to. This oil takes contaminants to the filter, where they are trapped and taken out of the system. If this oil stays clean and is kept below 140° F, your truck's hydraulic system will surely benefit.   

Brake Fluid

A type of hydraulic oil, the brake fluid serves as your brake system's lubricant. It reduces the negative effects of the constant brushing between moving components. It flows through the brake lines and goes to all the wheels of your truck. As the brake pedal is pressed down, the brake fluid enables the force to be applied to the brakes so the vehicle will slow down and eventually stop. This fluid helps ensure your driving safety and the safety of everyone around you by making sure the brake components work smoothly and can bring your truck to a halt whenever needed. Like other automotive lube, the fluid also needs regular replacement to keep the brakes in mint condition.

Transmission Fluid

You should always match your truck's powerful engine with a well-kept transmission system. One way to do that is to make sure your transmission fluid is clean and capable of lubricating the transmission's mechanical parts, inhibiting oxidation, slowing down rust formation, conditioning the gaskets, and maintaining fluid pressure. The transmission fluid adds a protective layer to the transmission components, thus enhancing their performance and extending their lifespan.  

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