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About Dexter

Based in Elkhart, Indiana, Dexter Axle is a premier supplier of truck and trailer axles, and other related components. Founded in 1960, the brand is best known for its line of rubber torsion axles and, later on, its axle spindles, trailer brakes, and suspension systems that were well-received in the trailer running gear and RV industry. It has also partnered with major industry players over the years, such as Philips Industries, Rockwell American, and Titan Brakes & Actuators.

Today, Dexter is part of a global network of trailer/running gear system and component manufacturers with manufacturing facilities across the US and Canada. Dexter parts are made using the latest in manufacturing technology, including advanced robotics, precision welding equipment, and automated machining processes to ensure they adhere to the company's highest standards. Along with these innovations, Dexter continues to apply the same principles that drove its success through the decades: superior quality, continuous improvement, and unparalleled customer service.

Dexter Parts

For over 60 years, Dexter has been one of the world's leading experts in trailer axles and brakes for utility trailer, recreation vehicle, heavy duty, agricultural, marine, and specialty trailer applications. The brand covers more than 200 aftermarket parts and service kits, with each and every Dexter part guaranteed to be of high quality and backed by a limited 5-year manufacturer warranty.

Sprung axles

The benchmark in the truck and trailer industry, Dexter is widely recognized for its line of high-performance leaf spring axles. Each axle is engineered and tested to address the specific applications: Dexter's straight and drop spindle-type axles are for most capacities 8k and below, while straight spindles are ideal for applications rated above 9,000 lbs. The springs are available in both double eye and slipper spring configurations and can have an underslung or over slung. These axles are also available in several lubrication options, such as E-Z Lube, oil, and conventional grease.

Light duty (2,300 - 4,000 lb) – Dexter light duty axles feature high-grade alloy steel springs, precision, machined steel spindles, and integral cast iron drums. Their inner wiring system allows for easier installation while keeping the brake wires protected from the elements. But what truly sets these axles apart from the competition is their high degree of flexibility and customization. Customers can choose between CSA-approved electric and hydraulic brake models with and without a parking feature. Additional options such as stainless steel wear sleeves, hot-dipped galvanized axle beams, and Gal-DEX® coated cast iron hubs are also offered to improve axle performance and durability even further.

Medium duty (9,000 - 15,000 lb) – Dexter medium duty axles are designed with the brake mounts located on a piloted axle brake flange for optimum braking performance. The axles have a reinforced axle beam and axle tube with the brake flanges machined to tight tolerances to ensure perpendicularity and concentricity. Each axle also has a replaceable oil seal for easier maintenance. Selected models also have air brake support.

Heavy duty (22,500 - 27,500 lb) – Dexter's heavy duty axle features one of the highest strength axle tubes in the market that's commercially available for utility vehicle axles. Its carbon steel construction makes it stiffer and stronger and eliminates the need for camber, with the spindle friction forged directly into the axle tube for further improved durability and alignment. Brake spiders and hubs are also manufactured in-house to ensure quality and are available in industry-standard dimensions.

Torsion axles

Dexter's Torflex line of light to medium-duty suspension systems feature an advanced rotating torsion arm encased with four rubber cords in a steel bar. The rotating movement of the arm has almost the same functionality as a conventional leaf spring axle but with a more independent movement and increased durability. The torsion arm is also completely self-contained within the axle tube and directly attaches to the trailer frame.

Light duty (600 - 1,100 lb) – Dexter light duty axles are ideal for light utility applications such as hauling motorcycles or personal watercraft. They feature durable cast iron hubs and drums and precision machined short spindles that are designed for trailers with extremely short overhangs. The assembly is also rubber cushioned to eliminate metal-to-metal contact and ensure a smooth and quiet ride. Other features include load-carrying cross member, a self-damping action, and an independent wheel suspension system.

Medium duty (9,000 - 12,000 lb) – Medium duty axles from Dexter have a stronger axle beam and tube for utility vehicle applications. The axle is made of heat-treated carbon steel, with the brake flanges, spindles, and bearing journals precision machined to exact tolerances. Its brake flange is also designed to mount the backing plate of Dexter electric or hydraulic brakes to ensure optimum brake performance. Each axle is also thoroughly inspected and tested for proper alignment before being shipped out.

Eliminator axle (2,500 - 7,000 lb) – Dexter's Eliminator series of torsion axles is the first of its kind in the market with a detachable spindle. This makes it easier to service, especially during emergency roadside repairs. Its forged brake flange also has a machined surface finish for improved braking performance. The axles are available in plain, powder coat, and hot-dipped galvanized finishes with disc and drum brake options available.


Dexter offers an extensive line of electric and hydraulic drum and hydraulic disc brake systems and components for trailer applications. Available in capacities ranging from 2,000 lbs to 15,000 lbs., Dexter brakes are the result of years of constant development to produce one of the industry's best-engineered braking solutions. And to ensure quality, almost all parts and friction materials are manufactured in-house in their Albion, Indiana facility.

Drum brakes – Designed for light, medium, and heavy duty axles, Dexter drum brakes are tested and proven to reduce stopping distances by up to 50% versus improperly adjusted brakes. They incorporate an advanced self-adjusting system that automatically rotates an adjuster assembly while traveling and closes any gaps caused by lining wear. This eliminates the need for manual brake adjustments and maintaining consistent braking performance. Each brake assembly is also engineered to meet the demands of the designated axle capacity while still comply with the requirements of specific tire and wheel sizes.

Disc brakes – Dexter disc brake systems are designed in unicast or 2-piece hub and rotor systems, with heavy duty versions utilizing an advanced quad-piston fixed caliper. This fixed caliper design utilizes the same opposing piston technology found in racing vehicles to minimize brake fade and wear without compromising stopping power. The calipers are also self-adjusting and are designed to mount to the axle using the same flange position as drum brakes for hassle-free retrofits.

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