DEXTER AXLE part description

Fits Dexter 3.5k axles; for one brake; left hand or right hand.

Dexter’s disc brake line covers axle ratings from 3,500 lbs. to 12,000 lbs. Many Dexter disc brakes are designed
in either a unicast or 2 piece hub/rotor designs. Dexter’s 5,200 lb. to 8,000 lb. disc brake utilize a unique quad
piston fixed caliper.

Product Description

Seal, 1.72"

For more than 50 years, Dexter Axle® has been a global leader in developing and manufacturing safe and reliable trailer components for recreation vehicles, utility trailers, and specialty trailers. It is also a trusted brand in agricultural, manufactured housing, and marine markets. Headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana, and established in 1960, Dexter owns 14 manufacturing facilities across the US and Canada. Metallurgical evaluations and computer-equipped tests are also done to ensure remarkable product quality and performance. An ISO 9001:2015 certified brand, Dexter is still propelled by the same principles it has since it was founded: superior quality, constant improvement, and outstanding customer service.

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