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Painting your vehicle isn't as simple as slathering it with a coat of paint and calling it a day. Aside from choosing the right type of paint, you also need to prepare the surface so that the paint adheres properly and for more extended periods. In such cases, Mar-Hyde has got everything you need. A 3M brand, Mar-Hyde develops primers and coating solutions, which are designed to create a smooth, clean surface that's perfect for painting with no mess or fuss. Its products take advantage of the latest innovations in chemistry, engineering, and manufacturing with 46 technology platforms and research facilities in more than 30 countries. This ensures Mar-Hyde products will stay on top of the competition.

Mar-Hyde has got everything you need to get your truck, bus, van, or commercial vehicle ready for painting. Its primers are suitable for any automotive paint system and create a high-build film that fills in sand scratches and other impurities for an extremely smooth finish. It's also fast-curing, cutting drying time to just an hour with a professional-looking finish every time. For corroded surfaces, Mar-Hyde rust converters turn stubborn rust into a black primer-sealer, eliminating the time needed to sand and prime the surface for the initial topcoat.

Whether you're switching to a new color or patching up a dent, you can trust Mar-Hyde to make your vehicle look brand new. Here at FinditParts, we offer a complete catalog of Mar-Hyde primers, rust converters, and other coating solutions at very reasonable prices. The primers are tested and guaranteed to be safe to use with automotive paint and require no special tools.