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Whether you are a fleet mechanic or a driver who does DIY maintenance and repair, it is not easy to pull off any task in your truck or vehicle without the right tools. A complete, heavy-duty toolbox is also essential for a fleet mechanic. It, therefore, makes sense to spend a little more on high-quality truck tools you often use. If you need new tools for the repair and maintenance of your fleet, Assenmacher Specialty Tools offers the best value for your money.

Assenmacher Specialty Tools manufactures and distributes a comprehensive line of cooling system adapters, specialty tools, cam alignment tools, oil change products, as well as disconnect tools for Asian, European, and domestic vehicles. Established by Gerhard Assenmacher in 1978, AST has since been the leading independent-owned tool company that continuously crafts premium-quality products and builds solid relationships. It is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, and is backed by many years of hands-on industry experience.

One of its popular products is the oil filter wrench socket set, which is designed for most foreign and domestic applications. The brand's collection of custom oil funnels is also well-known.  The components included in the set are a funnel and seven adapters to fit more than a hundred models. The set also contains a 45-degree elbow extension that provides access to areas where the funnel would not fit. There are also Assenmacher Specialty Tools transmission dipsticks, oil filter sockets, drain plug sockets, ATF adapters, timing sets, brake bleeder adapters, and a whole lot more.

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