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Coleman-Mach is one of the leading manufacturers of ACs, heat pumps, and thermostats for RVs, boats, and off-road vehicles. The primary market brand of the AirXcel company, Coleman-Mach manufactures products that generally stick to the category of AC and heating. The company's specializing, history of production, and quality of design has made it one of the go-to businesses for truckers, repairpeople, and technicians looking for repair parts or aftermarket parts in that category.

Coleman-Mach got its start in 1967, the year after Sheldon Coleman finished testing his newest products. The Coleman brand, which had been producing tents for decades at that point, took the opportunity to break into the motorhome and RV market with the Coleman's Coleman-Mach vehicular AC units. That first product was known as the PolarPal.

Since then, the company has remained one of the top manufacturers of AC units in the RV industry and has manufactured more than six million individual products, many of which still in use today. The brand's primary factory remains in Wichita, Kansas, and continues to produce products for the RV industry and other motor-vehicle applications.

To make it as easy as possible to find the Coleman-Mach parts that are right for you, we at FindItParts have organized a list of Coleman-Mach products over 300 strong. The list is in a searchable, scrollable format complete with check-box filters, pictures, and — where applicable — cross-references with similar products to ensure that you can find the Coleman-Mach part that you need for your project.