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About Bulldog

Shock absorbers for tractor-trailers are built to be tougher than those found in passenger vehicles. But, if you’re running more than one rig, nothing else compares to Bulldog Shocks. Based in Loris, SC, Bulldog HD Shocks is a leading aftermarket specialist in heavy duty shocks and suspension components for fleet applications. The brand is a division of DMA Sales LLC, a major North American aftermarket parts supplier whose portfolio also includes strut assemblies, coil springs, dampers, lift supports, and other related products. It maintains distribution centers in the West and East coast, covering a total of 1 million sq. ft. of space.

Bulldog shock absorbers are unique in that they are built from the ground up in partnership with fleet maintenance technicians of various fleet vocations across North America. Root causes of premature shock failures that commonly plague fleet vehicles are identified and addressed with improvements on existing technology or even entirely new innovations in materials, design, and fabrication. This results in shocks that are not only durable enough to withstand the rigorous demands of the linehaul industry but are also easier to maintain, provide a longer service life, and make a better return on investment overall.

Bulldog Parts

Described as being designed in the lab but proven in the fleets, Bulldog offers heavy duty shock absorbers, steering dampeners, and cab shocks for various tractor-trailer models. Bulldog parts have been developed by talented shock engineers working hand in hand with commercial fleet maintenance technicians. This has resulted in highly reliable products requiring less maintenance downtime, consistent performance, and resilience against premature shock failure that often leads to shorter service life.

Shock absorbers

The heavy-duty shock absorbers from Bulldog are the result of years of development in cooperation with the fleet maintenance community. These shocks are described as the best of its class, addressing the root causes of premature failure in commercial vehicle shocks and fixing them with new and improved designs and material choices.

Key features:

  • Nitrogen-charged shock design offers superior ride performance and quality
  • Bushings made in-house with proprietary rubber formulations makes it more durable and last longer than the competition
  • Interior and exterior 360-degree robotic welds offer the best weld strength in the industry
  • Exterior parts are coated with paint with a minimum of 37 microns (additional paint thickness provides unparalleled protection from rust, especially in harsh road conditions)
  • Use high-quality synthetic oil for better performance in a wide temperature range

Steering dampeners

Steering dampeners are often exposed to the most extreme abuse than other suspension components in a commercial vehicle. This is especially true for vocational applications like dump trucks and cement trucks, as these vehicles experience severe failure rates in their dampeners within a short period of time. This is why Bulldog’s steering dampeners are built to withstand a wide range of grueling working conditions. A typical Bulldog dampener has been tested to last an average of 180 days of constant use until requiring servicing, compared to just 90 days for OEM dampeners.

Key features:

  • Thick 360-degree welds for superior weld bracket strength
  • Minimum paint thickness of 37 microns provides long term protection from rust
  • Bushings made in-house with proprietary rubber formulations makes it more durable and last longer than the competition
  • Bottom spring rest is securely welded to the outer tube
  • Proprietary seal pack and seal design resists oil leaks and misting
  • Fully chromed piston rod with dust shield
  • Synthetic oil for better performance under demanding conditions

Bulldog steering dampeners have also been recently redesigned for increased durability, for improved steering control, and with fewer parts to replace for additional cost savings.

Cab shocks

Bulldog’s heavy duty cab shocks are designed to stabilize the truck cabin, especially when traveling through uneven road surfaces. This increased stabilization creates a safer driving environment as well as less driver fatigue. Also, the less shaking and vibration that reaches the cab, the quieter your drive will be.

Key features:

  • 360-degree robotic welds provide the strongest welds in the industry
  • Double lip seal design reduces misting and helps extend the shock’s life cycle
  • Piston is chrome-plated and micro-polished to reduce friction and heat
  • Specially-designed STOP control prevents punctures and valve damage
  • Bushings made in-house with proprietary rubber formulations makes it more durable and last longer than the competition
  • Seamless inner working tube that’s 40% thicker than competing shocks for superior concentricity and seal strength

The Bulldog Advantage

Combining the best in materials and technology the industry has to offer, Bulldog heavy duty shocks and dampeners offer clear advantages that you won’t find in other similar products:

  • Added safety. It is estimated that 13% of large truck accidents are caused by driver fatigue, which in turn is caused by, among other things, excessive road vibration. Bulldog shocks go straight to the source by minimizing the effect of vibration that reaches the cab and the driver. In addition, Bulldog shocks also ensure rapid tire-to-road contact after road impact for improved steering control.
  • Less downtime. Bulldog shocks help maintain optimum tire contact on the ground, lowering the risk of uneven tire wear and premature airbag failure as well as those of other air suspension components. Also, since they greatly reduce road vibration, fragile components such as those found in lighting and electrical components are exposed to less shock and potential damage.
  • Prevent unscheduled maintenance. With parts protected from harmful shock and vibration, they’re less likely to succumb to premature failure. So with Bulldog shocks, you’ll spend less on unforeseen repairs on your truck and more time on the road.

Bulldog also has the edge over the competition by manufacturing all of their product’s key components in-house using state-of-the-art equipment. Robotic in-line welding ensures consistent quality and significantly reduced risk of defects, with its 360-degree interior and exterior eyelet welds rated as among the best in the industry. All shocks and dampeners are also fitted with bushings fabricated in-house. In addition, all Bulldog parts also undergo multiple-speed cycle dampening force testing and end-of-the-line function testing to guarantee the final product meets Bulldog’s best-in-class standards.

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Bulldog remains one of the few brands that offer shock absorbers and suspension products specially designed for fleet use. Bulldog shocks are not just built tough but also designed to save fleet owners time and money on repairs and replacement suspension parts. And if you’re planning to order Bulldog parts online, you can also enjoy big savings if you order them at Here at FinditParts, we offer Bulldog aftermarket suspension parts at very competitive prices. Whether it’s heavy duty shocks, cab shocks, or dampeners, we offer an extensive selection of Bulldog products for you to choose from.

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