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Autocar is a massive manufacturer and distributor of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket products. The company has multiple different divisions, such as Autocar for personal vehicles like four-door sedans and Autocar Trucks for larger rigs.

Autocar has a long and colorful history of producing pieces, parts, and hardware for the automotive industry. That history can be drawn back to the company's founding in 1897 when Louis Semple Cark produced the company's first design: a three-wheeled, gas-powered tricycle-shaped automobile.

After more than a century of innovation in design, manufacturing, engineering, and just about every other facet of the company, the Autocar brand became what it is today: a massive, global manufacturer with a distribution and sales network spanning the majority of the planet. The company produces newer, modern designs as well as a redesign of one of its first-ever trucks, first produced in 1939. Through a commitment to quality, rigorous in-house testing, and strict engineering standards, the Autocar brand has managed to successfully combine tradition and innovation.

We at FindItParts carry thousands of Autocar products to ensure that you have access to the quality products that the legendary "bowtie" company has to offer. That includes items as mundane as lock washers, hardware as hard-to-find as an intricate CSL harness, and thousands of products in between. To narrow down your search, you can add the applicable filters, search by keyword, or just scroll until you find something that suits your project's needs.