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Officially known by the name Allison Transmission, Allison's product line might not surprise you. The company is best known for its transmission pieces, parts, and hardware as well as various complementary accessories. This specialization has enabled Allison to enjoy a colorful history and create a distribution network across the entire planet.

James A. Allison and his business partners founded Allison Transmission in 1909 to build the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The very first move the company made was to create that massive track, which is still in use today. When war came, Allison began producing parts and tools for the military's Liberty L-12 airplane engines. After more than a century of producing equipment for government and civilian consumers alike, Allison now employs nearly 3,000 people and ships parts to over 100 different countries.

Allison Transmission's headquarters is still, to this day, located in Indianapolis, right where the company got its start. The company's commitment to quality, customer focus, integrity, innovation, and teamwork has enabled it to become the world's largest producer manufacturer of commercial-duty automatic transmissions. In recent years, Allison has broken into the hybrid engine industry and has already become a world leader in that category of production.

Allison currently has a distribution network of more than 1,400 Allison Authorized Distributors spread out across the overwhelming majority of the planet. That means that, wherever you are, you can easily get your hands on new parts, maintenance, or other Allison services.

We carry a variety of Allison Transmission parts, ranging from brakes to suspension and steering and covering three different categories in between.

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ALLISON 29546229 seal, fill tube ALLISON 29558329 kit-filter,4"sump ALLISON 29538371 push button shifter ALLISON 29534362 magnetic oil drain plug for rds4500 ALLISON 29541274 bolt, m10x1. ALLISON 29557354 valve assembly-solenoid, retarder ALLISON 29539579 transmission external spin on filter ALLISON 29543435 sensor asm-speed, retarder hd/b500r ALLISON 29543432 speed sensor, input all md/hd ALLISON 29502040 washer- p1 thrust ALLISON 29552364 4th gen pressure switch assembly for transmission md/hd series ALLISON 29552705 transmission output seal ALLISON 29527690 flexplate ALLISON 29503283 pan gasket - upper - gear box basket ALLISON 23048037 gasket- pto cover (representative image) ALLISON 29502037 washer-thrust p2/ev p1/p2 ALLISON 29532584 sump filter ALLISON 29540479 nsbu neutral start back up switch, 2 connector - 2001 - 2004 ALLISON 24233099 plug asse ALLISON 29530328 plug-filler ALLISON 29546682 front pump seal (torque converter seal) ALLISON 29558331 suctn flt ALLISON 29542920 gasket-hd ALLISON 29501160 oil pan gasket ALLISON 29543433 sensor-sp ALLISON 29541852 04.5-05 5 speed transmission nsbu switch ALLISON 29542824 filter,trans ALLISON 6839327 indicator ALLISON 6882099 fitting ALLISON 6770669 spring ALLISON 29558351 vent assembly ALLISON 29551555 selector,shift ALLISON 29558328 filter kt ALLISON 29508036 transmission electronic modulator for at545/mt640/mt643 ALLISON 29552703 output shaft seal w/axial lip, hd/b500 ALLISON 29556884 transmission ctrl mod ALLISON 29556870 seal assembly-output ALLISON ECU008WJ ecu (wtec iii) ALLISON 29536408 speed sensor - lct 1000 2000 2400 transmission fits input, output, or turbine fits '00+ chevy gmc hummer ALLISON 29501099 gasket- c ALLISON 29536379 seal ALLISON 29536833 automatic transmission shift on/off solenoid valve ALLISON 29544139 sensor assembly-speed ALLISON 29558295 filter-oil-6 in series ALLISON 29505858 gasket- conv hsg ALLISON 29551869 transmiss ALLISON 29537060 bushing pump body ALLISON 29545780 filter - (1 piece only) ALLISON 15E2E0 transynd 668 5gal ALLISON 29545518 seal asse ALLISON 15E2E1 transynd 668 (1 gallon) ALLISON 29541911 shifter mounting bezel plate ALLISON 29557345 gasket ALLISON 29559774 kit-seal/gasket 4000 contro ALLISON 29559775 seal kit & gsk ALLISON 29541286 bolt, m10x1. ALLISON 29544138 seal assembly-encased, wiper ALLISON 29565364 plug assembly-straight ALLISON 29536522 deep transmission pan assembly ALLISON 6835570 drum ALLISON 29511444 packing- o r ALLISON 23017225 gasket-xmsn oil ALLISON 23512307 isolator ALLISON R29551869 tcm ALLISON 1000450 cover suction screen ALLISON 3519208C94 ''harness auto-xmsn cont* '' ALLISON 6773311 transmission oil seal for all m939/a1/a2 series ALLISON 29545638 solenoid ass ALLISON 29541112 yoke asy-output 1810half ALLISON 6768606 flywheel ALLISON 29545308 harness-wiring, internal, 24w - non returnable ALLISON 29503066 md p2 ring gear ALLISON 23048001 ball bearing - deep groove radial 72mm od ALLISON 29561637 pto cover gasket ALLISON 29564219 bearing-ball-single ro ALLISON 29544593 housing asse ALLISON 29540494 (6") filter replacement kit for trans. 3000 4000 ALLISON 29558426 harness assembly-wiring inter ALLISON 29541897 solenoid ALLISON 29546972 pressure switch assembly 5-speed 01-05 ALLISON 6880090 flange ALLISON 3533481C96 ''harness electrical transmission shift and ecu 5500i severe service conventional 5600i severe service conventional 5900i severe service conventional '' ALLISON 29545845 kit-remote filter ALLISON 29537965 merchant internal shallow filter 01 gm 6.6l duramax ALLISON 29519123 kitadpt ALLISON 29555898 bolt-half round, m8 x 1.25, 26.9 ALLISON 29558103 body assembly-valve, pin ALLISON 29565263 ring-indexing, flat, ha ALLISON AK7107 ''kit, transmission filter wt hd4000 md3000'' ALLISON 29540976 filter, trans ALLISON 29540989 output seal ALLISON 29536917 engine kit ALLISON 3538168C91 ''control, automatic transmission main'' ALLISON 29557242 kit-pinion gear splitter ALLISON 29544297 solenoid - c ALLISON 29541004 control elec: cec2 pushbutton ALLISON 29506478 switch ALLISON 29501469 o-ring-custom, tms 22630 ALLISON 29506484 switch-press ALLISON 29542516 solenoid & connection assy ALLISON 29546539 gasket - ALLISON 29514053 adapt kit ALLISON 29502224 hub ALLISON 23046437 bearing-roller, tapered, single row ALLISON 29549577 harness, ALLISON 23049056 bolt-larg ALLISON 27101-BULK transynd transmission fluid ALLISON 6832720 piston ALLISON 27101CTCS syn/gals ALLISON 29548953 o'ring - low temperature ALLISON 23011216 strainer & m ALLISON 29540326 yoke assembly - 1710 1/2 ro ALLISON 29535617 spin-on automatic transmission fluid pan filter magnet ALLISON 29506387 nut- m70 x 2 ALLISON 29513456 valve ALLISON 6837422 plate ALLISON 29541820 standoff ALLISON 29511896 rtnrbevel g ALLISON 100670 screw ALLISON 29510999 gear ALLISON 23016147 screw ALLISON 6777273 seal ALLISON 6831033 piston ALLISON 6756626 pin ALLISON 29508455 trans asm mod vr731 ALLISON 29541553 kit ALLISON 29538469 plate - fric ALLISON 29552383 gasket - main housing cooler ALLISON 6758376 hub ALLISON 6771211 spring ALLISON 6779566 hub ALLISON 6774701 gear ALLISON 6777456 gear ALLISON 6768396 key ALLISON A430072V ecu 3500 series ALLISON 29535234 md_shaft asm - output ALLISON 29542681 harness ALLISON 29536863 gear - ring p2 ALLISON 23048154 selector ALLISON 6775840 piston assy- ALLISON 29507807 gear set-p1 ALLISON 29545963 oring-coolering-coole ALLISON 6881926 bushingpump ALLISON 29501131 plug- invt flrd tube ALLISON 29503036 retainer assy- spring ALLISON 29503288 gasket- c ALLISON 29503381 packing-o-ring .426 id ALLISON 29536342 plate-friction c6 ALLISON 16241550 ecu controller pkg std ALLISON 6831048 2l_kit Browse more...