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About Fleetcraft

When managing a fleet, you must develop a preventative maintenance program to help keep your trucks and commercial vehicles in good working condition. A good maintenance system reduces your business' operating cost, improves the outcome of Federal fleet inspection, and helps make your big rigs stay on the road longer. When your fleet mechanic tells you that it's time to get new parts for your trucks, Fleetcraft should be your brand of choice.

With over two decades of industry experience, Fleetcraft has become an expert in providing budget-conscious truck owners, mechanics, and fleet managers with OEM-quality solutions. The engineers and part developers behind every Fleetcraft product understand that sometimes, even the best is not good enough. They also believe that keeping up with the evolving truck technology is a full-time job for them. That's why Fleetcraft continues to revolutionize its manufacturing processes to develop innovative solutions that meet the varying demands of customers and their applications.

Fleetcraft Parts

Fleetcraft integrates an optimum balance of safety and durability attributes to come up with the best products. Fleetcraft parts—from trailer components and accessories to heavy-duty truck parts and hardware—are built with high-quality materials to the core. These products are developed and tested in a modern facility using advanced technology to ensure they will work under various working conditions.


Fleetcraft's brake components are the best examples of the brand's product excellence. They are well-engineered to deliver the performance and power necessary to safely bring your truck to a stop, whether it's loaded or not. Fleetcraft brake parts also provide the ideal balance between braking performance and noise and vibration reduction, allowing you to stop when necessary without producing annoying screeching noise and pulsation.

Whether you are replacing a worn-out brake part or restoring your truck's like-new braking performance, Fleetcraft proves to be the right choice. The brand's Wabco Pan 22 series disc brakes, for one, guarantee stable braking without fading and remarkable performance when driving downhill. This type of brake benefits from the brand's patented spreader plate technology, and it ensures ease of serviceability, reducing the time it will take for the mechanic to do lane change. So when you're looking for real stopping power, you know the name to trust—Fleetcraft.

Electrical Components

When it comes to your big rig's lights and other electrical components, go for Fleetcraft parts and experience the difference in its commitment to innovation. This brand uses the best blend of material science and advanced engineering to produce innovative, reliable, high-strength, and high-performance products. Fleetcraft's lights, bulbs, light brackets, wires, fuses, and other electrical parts withstand the harshest working environments to ensure reliable performance anytime, anywhere.

The Fleetcraft floodlights are like no other. They emit a strong beam of light to cover large areas. They are highly resistant to rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. These floodlights are proof that Fleetcraft will never shortchange its customers. They give off the closest thing to daylight for superb visibility even when the sun is on the other side of the world.

Exterior Parts and Accessories

Fleetcraft's exterior parts and accessories are crafted to deliver high value without compromising quality. They are designed, assembled, and tested to rigorous standards to ensure resistance to weather and minor impacts. Manufactured from top-caliber materials using the latest manufacturing technology, the exterior components and add-ons from this brand are sure to hold up to whatever the road spits at them.

The hub caps from this manufacturer are also among the most sought-after products in the market. They are made durable enough to resist breaking, warping, and cracking in any driving condition. Fleetcraft also offers a triangle warning kit that meets all FMVSS, DOT, and state requirements. The triangle sign has a heavy base and rubber feet, making it capable of resisting strong winds.

Moreover, Fleetcraft mud flaps are among the most practical add-ons you can outfit your truck with. They protect your big rig's side contraptions from the rage of the road, in the form of debris and mud splashes, while enhancing its appearance. The majority of the mud flaps from this brand are crafted from durable and impact-resistant, all-weather materials to ensure long service life.

Interior Parts and Add-ons

Truck maintenance is a routine fact of a trucker's life. This doesn't always mean taking care of the truck's engine, transmission, or brakes; it also involves cleaning your interior and keeping it in tiptop shape. This is no easy job, but it pays a lot in the long run. Keeping your truck's cabin spotlessly clean and organized will make a good impression, especially if you are a fleet driver. It also makes you comfortable while driving, reducing driver fatigue, especially if you are doing a long haul.

Are you looking for a new center console, shift knob, dome light, pedal, interior door panel, or dash housing? You can always count on Fleetcraft to provide you with high-quality, cost-effective options. The interior parts and accessories from this brand are precision made to perfectly match the contours of your big rig and deliver indestructible strength. They are durable enough to withstand whatever nature hurls at them, so they can serve their purpose in many years to come.

Bolts and Other Hardware

Fleetcraft also supplies the hardware and small components you need to support maximum performance. Like the other components from this brand, the Fleetcraft bolts, clamps, screws, mounting brackets, and other hardware are made ultra tough to stand up to whatever abuse the truck user and the environment throw at them. These parts match the toughness of your workhorse, so they are efficient enough in doing their task, which is securing a more significant component in place. Fleetcraft's bolts and screws are crafted to OE specifications, so they are compatible with your truck's factory-installed components.

Storage Boxes and Organizers

Protect your tools and personal stuff from damage with Fleetguard storage boxes and organizers. These storage solutions prevent your tools and small components, and hardware from sliding around and getting misplaced while the vehicle is running. They keep your cabin or storage area clean and organized and make your tools easy to find anytime you need them. Fleetguard's storage boxes come in various sizes, so you can surely find one that matches your needs.

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